McMillin, VanRaaphorst: Candidate Questionnaire Form

This race has been highly emotionally charged, my last post was turned into a bashing and personal attacks, very childish and immature. How about an adult conversation?


This race in our local community for Michigan State Representative has been highly emotionally charged.  My last post was an attempt to state what each candidate had posted on their website and comments from an interview in a local paper.  I asked people to read this information and post who and why they choose their candidate in a positive message.  At the end of the post I stated my opinion based on the information I had.


Well, that did not seem to go as planned.  It turned into a negative attack on one candidate with no positive reasons to vote for the other.  Then it expanded into many other subjects with the spin doctors and targeted tag lines to cause confusion to push hidden agendas.  I thought it would be simple; state your opinion without bashing the other candidate, I was wrong.


Then I decided to create this Candidate Questionnaire Form and ask both candidates to fill it out to give us a better vision of their background, vision and plan for the State of Michigan.  I appreciated both candidates trust and information in filling out the form so I can post it on the Patch.  We also involved Kristin Bull in the process to ensure it is a fair process and the information submitted to me was accurately posted.  I also gave both candidates the opportunity to read both forms prior to the posting to ensure they agreed my document is accurate and see the other candidates form.


Now all that is done and all parties; Tom, Joanna and Kristin agree these documents are accurate and what they submitted to me.


The Challenge:


"If you cannot say something nice, don't say it!" 


Read both forms, make a personal assessment of each candidate and comment on why you are choosing your candidate in a POSITIVE way without bashing the other.  Let us all hear the various POSITIVE reasons why we are choosing one candidate.  I believe this will help the person with an open mind make a rational choice.


I also ask the NEGATIVE comments to not be posted.  I guess I am the optimist and hope people will take this serious and not push their hidden agendas.  I am not stupid, I understand this will happen, so let us all just ignore these comments and they will get the message that they are just meaningless noise.


Based on this information, who and why would you choose one candidate?

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Timothy Maurer November 06, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Tom NO Joanna YES -- MI Equality (Leading Gay Adoption Advocates) Tom NO Joanna YES -- I'm voting for Joanna VanRaaphorst because she believes that children are better off in a home with 2 people who love them than in the system.
Bill Monroe November 06, 2012 at 03:52 AM
Pretty cool quotes from Brooks Patterson. So how come he's not endorsing JV? You'd think, for as often as JV brings up Patterson's quotes that she'd be voting for him. Instead, she's supporting the socialist running against Patterson. It's only a political opportunity. How quickly you want to forget about Anne Heche. She makes a big deal about being gay, gets into a monogamous relationship with Ellen Degeneres, breaks up with her - and suddenly she's straight and gets married. Or maybe she's bisexual. Who knows. For some being gay is a choice. We could find other examples like Anne Heche. Nothing McMillen said was wrong, but it provides a political opportunity and the vocal minority won't miss an opportunity to pounce. I think it's a mistake targeting her campaign this way. It's a fake issue that didn't need a champion. JV tried to make a big deal about the Gay Rights Ordinance to the CIty Council and failed because nobody's civil rights are being impacted. In all of these articles that you post links to, nobody has been discriminated against by Tom McMillin. We'll see for sure, one way or another, in 24 hours.
N. C. November 06, 2012 at 07:48 AM
I am an INDEPENDENT voter. Voted for McMillin in his last run, but because of votes he cast and comments he makes, I was open for a better option. Joanna Vanraaphorst will get my vote this election. Met Joanna at a coffee hosted by neighbors, whose integrity and character I truly respect. Any candidate this couple chooses to support has, in essence, already been ethically vetted. I really wanted to meet the candidate they felt so strongly about. After listening to Joanna and watching her interact with people, I came away knowing that she is a VERY POSITIVE, ENERGETIC, HARD-WORKING person who really CARES and LISTENS to her future constituents. Vanraaphorst’s ENTHUSIASM and DETERMINATION are off the charts. Voting for Joanna is something I am looking forward to doing! I hope she wins!
Cheryl November 06, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Since I know Joanna, her values, her energy and her passion, my support was an absolute. Hearing so many former McMillan supporters dedicate their vote to her is a clear indicator that her values ring truer to members of this community than those of her opponent. For the few who indicated that they would vote with her opponent for the sole purpose of aligning with a party, I hope they have considered the local consequences. Local government has the most impact on commmunities, so I expect Rochester will vote VanRaaphorst.
Char Kruse November 06, 2012 at 09:01 PM
excuse me I will then say Joanna will get my vote because she didn't disturb me and wake up my napping granson with 25 robo calls! I did not think what I wrote was " bashing "anyone


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