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I'm a busy working mom, wife, daughter and sister.  I teach full-time as an Elementary Music teacher in the L'AnseCreuse School District.  I have a wonderful husband of 5 years and 2 beautiful children.  I have a bit of an obsession with my slow cooker(s)....and I've come to accept it's just my "thing!"  I love making healthy, delicious food for my family and teaching my children to eat right.  In my spare time, I can be found singing at weddings, masses and baptisms.  I also enjoy making bows, sewing random things for my daughter and getting together with my family.  
I run a slow cooker blog called "A Busy Mom's Slow Cooker Adventures."  I post 2-3 new recipes a week, with honest reviews and step-by-step pictures and instructions.  Occasionally, I also review products and cookbooks too!  Visit me at www.slowcookeradventures.com or on Facebook at www.fb.com/SlowCookerAdventures.
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