Marathoner Desiree Davila: 'Will Do Everything I Can to Get to the Start'

Shortly after her coaches issued a statement saying she won't run in the 2012 Olympics marathon, the Rochester Hills runner tweeted this response: 'My race, my final call.'

Here's the latest: Desiree Davila is still planning to run.

News broke Sunday afternoon that Davila, the Olympics distance runner from Rochester Hills, would not compete in the upcoming women's marathon in London because of an injury.

CNN sent this breaking news tweet at 2:01 p.m.: "U.S. marathoner Desiree Davila has dropped out of the Olympic marathon due to an injury, according to a team statement."

That statement was sent by Davila's coaches to newspaper reporters and posted on the Facebook page of the Hansons Brooks Distance Project.

But shortly after, Davila herself spoke out via Twitter, reacting to the news and refuting the report:

"Wow, news to me! Just finished with team doctor, taking it day by day. Will do everything I can to get to the start," she sent from her @des_davila account.

Davila has been battling a . Don Jackson, general manager of Hanson's Running Shop and an assistant coach with the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, said Davila spent the weeks leading up to the Olympics training on an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, which gently lifts her to avoid putting pressure on her hip.

Her coaches, by her side in London, had said they were going to make a call on Saturday as to whether she would run in the Aug. 5 event. 

They sent an email to the Detroit Free Press, where they are posting occasional "postcards" from London, indicating she would not run. When the newspaper reported the news, it spread through the running world — and eventually made it to Davila.

"No I did not send that," Davila tweeted in response to a Twitter question from NBC's Joe Battaglia. "My race, my final call."

Later, Davila's coaches issued an apology, posted on their Facebook page.

"Sorry for the misunderstanding earlier," the statement read. "Desi was frustrated with the fact that she is a long way from 100% both fitness wise and health. She had decided that it was probably best to pull out of the Marathon. After discussing her options with the Olympic coaches and medical staff, they convinced her that she deserves the entire experience and that means giving herself every chance to make it to the starting line."

Meanwhile, one of Davila's competitors, British marathon legend Paula Radcliffe, pulled out of the marathon event because of a foot injury, NBC News reported. Radcliffe is a four-time Olympian and holds the world record for the London Marathon.

chris nixon July 30, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Keep up the great work


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