How to Watch Runner Desiree Davila in Sunday's Olympic Marathon

On eve of the big event, injured Rochester Hills runner said she is 'committed to getting to the start and seeing what I can do.'

Will she run?

That's the question that U.S. Olympian Desiree Davila herself was still struggling to answer during interviews in the days leading up to the Sunday women's marathon.

As of Saturday, Davila, who trains in Rochester Hills with the Hansons Brooks Distance Project, had plans to be a part of the Sunday morning marathon event.

She told NBC's Joe Battaglia in a report posted on NBCOlympics.com that the state of her   is not ideal, but that she "is committed to getting to the start and seeing what I can do."

The marathon begins at 6 a.m. Eastern time. NBC Local 4 is scheduled to broadcast the marathon event live from 6 to 9 a.m.

Earlier this week, Davila hinted at the emotional ride she has endured since arriving in London in this tweet sent from her @des_davila account: "Oh, so you enjoy scary rides? Try an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!" - me to sports psychologist."

Davila is the fastest American distance runner. In 2011 she . In that race, she clocked the fastest time ever by an American woman: 2:22:38.

Because the marathon event is being shown live on NBC, Rochester Patch plans to report on the results on Sunday as they are announced. 


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