Here's Your Science Lesson for the Day: A Molting Cicada Captured on Video

Rochester-area photographer Bob Krizmanich filmed this in his back yard.

They can be heard buzzing in the summertime, and sometimes the empty skin of a cicada can be found clinging to a tree, but have you ever come across a cicada as it was molting?

Rochester-area photographer Bob Krizmanich did – and he got it on video.

"It's the first time I have ever come across a cicada, much less one emerging from it's shell," Krizmanich wrote in an email to Patch. "I was lucky to notice it, and when I did, I ran and grabbed my camera and tripod."

Krizmanich, who lives in Troy, said he spent more than an hour filming the cicada last August until his memory card ran out of room. He then "cranked up the speed" of the video by 1,250 percent for a neat time-lapse video of the critter.

For more photos from Krizmanich, visit www.bobkrizmanich.com.


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