Still More Teachers Hired For 2012-13 School Year in Rochester

In all, about 60 new teachers will be joining the district this year.

Rochester Board of Education members approved the hiring of 14 teachers on Monday night. Add that to the three dozen teachers hired so far this summer, and include about 10 more still to be hired, and you have almost 60 new teachers that will be in Rochester schools this fall.

Here are the teachers approved Monday night:

  • David Arcangeli, French Teacher, Stoney Creek High and Hart Middle Schools
  • Bonnie Backing, ECSE Program Teacher, Brewster Elementary School
  • Lara Cornish, 3rd Grade Teacher, Delta Kelly Elementary
  • Chelsea Flattery, Art Teacher, North Hill Elementary
  • Lisa Fosnaugh, Science and E20/20 Teacher,Rochester and Adams High Schools
  • Sarah Harcourt, 1st Grade Teacher, Delta Kelly Elementary
  • Sean Jacobson, Language Arts Teacher, Hart Middle School
  • Tara Karebian, ECSE Speech and Language, Baldwin Elementary
  • Sarah Kimmel, 5th Grade Teacher, Brooklands Elementary
  • Christina Larsen, Social Studies Teacher, Rochester High School
  • Sarah McGinnis, Resource Room, Hampton Elementary
  • Sarah Monroe, Social Studies Teacher, Rochester High School
  • Lauren Murri, Kindergarten Teacher, University Hills Elementary
  • Jessica Szczepanski, Math/LA Teacher, Reuther Middle School

Ashley Thomas, a prospective fifth-grade teacher at North Hill Elementary, was set to be hired Monday but rescinded the district's offer.

These teachers were approved earlier this summer:

  • Todd Calcamuggio, Physical Education teacher, Hugger Elementary
  • Whitney Cuson, Psychologist, Reuther Middle
  • Joseph Galazka, Math/Computer Science teacher, Adams and Rochester High
  • Claudia Gerstenberger, Interventionist, McGregor Elementary
  • Caitlin Lubinski, Math teacher, Hart Middle
  • Cameron McConnell, English teacher, Van Hoosen Middle
  • Allison Parliament, Counselor, Reuther Middle
  • Alexandrea Surinck, Band/Computer teacher, Van Hoosen Middle
  • Cathy Cherico, American Sign Language and Special Ed Teacher, Stoney Creek and Adams High Schools
  • Jaclyn Facca, Third Grade Teacher, Brooklands Elementary
  • Elizabeth Gibson, Fourth Grade Teacher, North Hills Elementary
  • Emily Hung, Chinese Teacher, Adams, Rochester and Stoney Creek
  • Beth Jones, First Grade Teacher, McGregor Elementary School
  • Alyse Licari, Second Grade Teacher, McGregor Elementary School
  • Ember King, First Grade Teacher, Brooklands Elementary
  • Jennifer Robinson, Fourth Grade Teacher, McGregor Elementary
  • Linda Smith, Kindergarten Teacher, McGregor Elementary
  • Lindsey Szwejk, Fourth Grade Teacher, North Hill Elementary
  • Mary Webster, Interventionist, McGregor Elementary
  • Nikki Atchoo, Resource Room Teacher, Hart Middle
  • Stephanie Barnhart, ECSE/ASD Teacher, Baldwin Elementary
  • Allison Danielson, Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher, Adams High School
  • Christine Dorn, Kindergarten Teacher, North Hill Elementary
  • Sarah Guy, 4th Grade Teacher, Hamlin Elementary
  • Jill Howard, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooklands Elementary
  • Cindy Livingston, Elementary Media Specialist
  • Nicholas Merlo, Math Teacher, Rochester High
  • Meaghan VanMaele, SXI Teacher, Delta Kelly Elementary
  • Aleah Walivaara, Language Arts Teacher, Van Hoosen Middle

 who retired from the school district this year.



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