Red Wings Alumni Mickey Redmond Visits North Hill Elementary with the Red Wings School Assembly Program

Area students learned the importance of exercise and a healthy diet at a high energy assembly put on by the Red Wings Foundation.

Want to see 600 plus elementary students really lose their minds?

You know, chant, cheer, scream and shout?

Then talk about education, dedication and, of course, a healthy diet.

"How's that?" you ask.

Well, it helps if the message comes wrapped in a red and white winged wheel and with a special guest.

One in 115

North Hill Elementary hosted The Detroit Red Wing School Assembly last Friday, one of 115 Detroit-area schools to do so.

The one-hour assembly, now in its third year, promotes an active lifestyle, including healthy eating and exercise tips. It's sponsored by the Detroit Red Wings Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kroger.

North Hill students were particularly fortunate that their assembly included special guest, Red Wings alumni Mickey Redmond.

"It feels just as good for me as it does for the kids," Redmond said about the program. "It's great to put a smile on the boys' and girls' faces."

(The answer to the question every fan has for Redmond is this, "I see the glass as half full; I think that we're playing by Thanksgiving.")

"We'll be learning stuff today"

High energy?

The assembly had it with the opportunity for students to share their favorite exercises, cheer each other on in a stick-handling competition and a shoot-out against the teachers.

The students "drafted" Redmond and defeated their teachers in the shoot-out 1-0. The school received two full sets of hockey equipment from the Red Wings, in case the teachers want a rematch.

But between activities, Red Wing School Assembly team member Jim Biewer said there would be learning and there was plenty of that too. 

North Hill students got 100 percent on their Kroger Food Quiz, even correctly answering the trick question about strawberry icecream.

Reaching goals

You might not know it, but elementary students and NHL players have quite a bit in common according to John Guerreno from the Red Wing School Assembly team. 

Both groups go to a place to learn, have a person to teach them and take tests. "But when you do well you get an A," Guerreno said, "And when the Red Wings do well they get a W."

Then Guerreno passed on the two things Red Wing players do to help them reach their goals— they eat healthy and get a lot of exercise.

"Healthy foods give you more energy and hockey players know this too," Guerreno said.

Redmond reminded the students that the Red Wings exercise every day, even when they're not playing hockey. "You get out what you put in," Redmond said.

To find out more about the Red Wing School Assembly program, visit their website at www.redwings.nhl.com and click on Community. 


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