Photo of the Day: Up On the Rooftop

No, It's not Santa or his miniature reindeer. It's Musson Elementary principal, Victoria Righter celebrating her students' successful efforts to raise funds for a school in Guatemala.

Friday morning's weather was drizzling and 37 degrees, but according to Victoria Righter, principal of Musson Elementary, it was "beautiful."

Righter should know, she was in the perfect spot to enjoy the elements— the Musson roof.

She wasn't up there checking for leaks or cleaning the gutters. Righter was making good on a promise she had made her students.

This fall Musson students waged a Penny War to raise money for a school in Guatemala that had a huge hole in its roof. 

The school needed $1,000 to build a new roof. Righter told her students if they raised $2,500 she would spend a day on their roof.

The students raised $4,573.74.

"I know this group and when they set a goal, they're going to reach it," Righter said. 

Honks, cheers and one lost ball

This morning Righter lived up to her end of the deal. She bundled up in layers, her warmest coat and her sneakers and made the climb to greet her students from up high.

Students arriving at school were thrilled to see their principal on the roof. They screamed, cheered and waved frantically to their overhead leader.

Everyone wanted to know how she got up there, a few wanted to join her and one curious 4th grader wanted to know exactly what she was going to do when in need of a bathroom.

Musson parents also joined in the excitement, honking their car horns in the drop-off loop.

It was a festive, if slightly wet, morning at Musson.

And productive too.

"Look what I found!" Righter shouted from the rooftop and held up a long-lost gym ball. 

To read more about the Musson Penny Wars, click on this link:


Joshua Raymond December 03, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Great job, Musson Mustangs! One thing I found very impressive about Musson was the Musson Money for the school store is earned through good behavior. That is a great incentive for students to be helpful and kind.


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