An Easy Way for Rochester Schools and the Community to Connect

Patch's open blog allows you to easily share information with your neighbors.

Share school news on Patch.
Share school news on Patch.
We want to give Rochester residents a chance to easily post school news, promote their events and share anything school related with the community.

That's why we created an open platform, Rochester Schools News, for users to log-in, post and share.

All you have to do is log-on, click on the "Write a new post" box at the top of the blog. Type a short title for your post and then tell us your thoughts. You can add photos, as well, if you'd like, and then just click the "Post Now" button at the bottom.

Then once you post, we will do the promotion to make sure your information is shared with the community. We will feature on the site's homepage, in the newsletter and on social media.

Connecting the school and community is that easy, so get started today!


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