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Use Green Smoke to Help You Quit Smoking

Many people make resolutions for the New Year, and the one that is made to quit smoking is a very common one. Smokers, who have been doing so for long, will always have made some effort to stop smoking, especially when health issues come to the fore. It is quite likely that a New Year’s resolution will be given a try out for some time, or some smoking cessation initiative tried out, or an effort to better one’s health during summer. The addiction that smoking brings along with it is so strong, that most of these efforts to stop smoking fall by the wayside.

There is a feeling that patches and gum that contain nicotine can help in the fight against this addiction, but in effect all that they do is just replace one habit with another, and do so at a fairly high cost. Chewing gum does not invoke the same muscle memory as putting a cigarette in your mouth, and can also cause problems with withdrawal from the nicotine.

Using Green Smoke e-cigarettes is one way that can help an addicted person to give up smoking. When Green Smoke first came on the scene and gained recognition, the reactions to it were mixed, as there were doubts about its being effective and safe. But, people slowly got used to the idea of vaping instead of smoking, and led to Green Smoke becoming a very popular product.  

What does the Green Smoke Kit Contain?

When you purchase the Green Smoke Ultimate Kit, you will get everything that is necessary to help you to stop smoking. What will be included in this kit are a carrying case that contains three rechargeable batteries, a USB pass through battery, two charging adapters to suit USBs a charger to use in the car, a charger for wall electric points and ten prefilled cartomizers.   The case itself is quite attractive, green in color with eye catching logos. All these point towards a lot of attention to detail and quality. Green Smoke can change your attitude towards e-cigarettes, if you have tried them earlier and been disappointed with the feel and fragility of these devices.

Green Smoke Performance

Any review of Green Smoke will be incomplete if you do not mention the performance of this e-cigarette when it is used. The kit comes with a long battery rated as 270mAh, while the short battery, also included in the kit, has a rating of 106mAh. The short battery allows the e-cigarette to look like a normal cigarette and allows a person to vape discretely. When you use the longer battery, the e-cigarette is more noticeable.  While the short battery restricts you to 250 puffs, the longer one can last for 350 puffs, allowing it to be used in the real world.  A fresh battery can give you a better performance and may be nearer the marketing figures that the makers put out. There is no need to operate any switches on this e-cigarette, like you will on an analogue model, and all that you have to do is to take a puff, like you would on a normal cigarette.

The battery is sensitive and gets easily activated, so there is no need to take any deep drags on the cigarette in case you do not want to. The Green Smoke cigarettes are not fragile and will not get damaged if you drop them on a carpet. They are not designed to be indestructible, but are made well enough to get through small accidents.

A fair amount of vapor is produced by these cigarettes, and this can amaze a new user. The cigarette has a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and this does allow it to produce more vapor than other e-cigarettes.  You have a choice of flavors that include the traditional tobacco, but also range to chocolate, coffee, vanilla and menthol.  This range may sound limited, when you compare to those available with competing brands of these e-cigarettes, but the vapors given out are strong and all the flavors are affordable.

The Investment is Worth It

E-cigarettes are a good option, when you are looking for a more healthy alternative to the use of tobacco. The cigarettes made by Green Smoke are little bit more expensive than others available in the market and may deter persons wanting to give up smoking, who wonder whether the extra cost is worth it. There are persons who have the will power to quit smoking without any other help, while others go in for the cheaper versions of these e-cigarettes. However, if you have the time to reduce your usage of tobacco gradually or even feel the need to cut out the tobacco and use something that is cleaner, then choosing Green Smoke may be the way to go.

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