U.S. Postal Service to Drop Saturday Mail in August

WJBK-TV reports the move will save about $2 billion and will not affect package delivery.

The U.S. Postal Service will announce the end of Saturday mail delivery, WJBK-TV reported Wednesday morning. 

Saturday mail delivery will end in August. The move, which does not affect package delivery, is expected to save $2 billion annually, the report indicated. It's part of a 5-year plan to cut $20 billion, according to The Washington Post

On Tuesday, The Huffington Post reported that Hallmark Cards, Inc. has hired lobbyists who will ask Congress to keep Saturday delivery and consider other cost-saving measures. According to the report, postal workers say the move could result in the loss of 80,000 jobs. 

Will the loss of Saturday mail delivery affect you? Tell us what you think below in our comments.  

Mike February 06, 2013 at 08:31 PM
I don't care much, but I do want the option of dropping mail in the blue box in front of a post office and getting a post mark on Saturday. The big question is what happens when the Post Office goes under? There are many employees who have been promised benefits that the government can not cover. Government Employees should be transferred immediately to a 401K/403B style retirement savings plan instead of a pension system that can not be paid for. Also the post office can charge more for that load of junk mail I get every few days. All it does is fill up my recycle bin.


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