Ryan Addresses Thousands at OU Rally: 'Let's Go Out and Get This Done'

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan delivers midwestern-flavored message at Monday's rally on Oakland University campus.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan appealed to Michiganders on a very personal level Monday night on the campus of Oakland University.

Speaking to an estimated crowd of 2,000 with another 1,000 in an overflow room, Ryan's 30-minute speech was peppered with the Michigan connections between the candidate and the crowd he was addressing.

From references to Michigan State's "thumping" of the Wisconsin Badgers last year to the fact that "overseas means across Lake Superior to us," Ryan was clearly feeling neighborly.

He even took credit for a certain Detroit Tiger: ("You got Prince Fielder from us," he said. "He's still a hero to us in Milwaukee.")

"If you draw a line from Muskegon straight across the lake, that's where I'm from," Ryan said of his hometown of Janesville. He continued to talk about the automotive industry in Janesville, referring to it as a "GM town" and said, "Trust me, I come from Detroit West. We know we need a healthy auto sector. We want a stronger auto sector."

Ryan spoke of watching childhood friends lose jobs at the plants and making sure workers "get skills to get them back on their feet. And you do that with a growing economy," he said.

To grow the economy Ryan explained he and Romney's five-point plan, which includes energy devolpment, international trade agreements, workforce training and education, cutting the budget and reducing regulations to help small business.

Ryan's visit to Rochester followed the release of poll results that showed Obama has a 3 percentage point lead over Romney, closing in on the gap that was 10 percentage points last month, according to the Detroit Free Press.

'Time to decide'

After opening remarks that included thank-yous to the OU Grizzlies, Kid Rock, Candice Miller and Pete Hoekstra, Ryan said that it is "time to decide what kind of country we're going to have."

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While acknowleging that President Obama came into a tough situation, "he didn't make anything better," Ryan said.

"He went from hope and change to attack and blame," Ryan said. "We want to earn your support. We want to deserve this victory. We owe you a choice — specific solutions, specific ideas. One core idea is this: stop spending money we don't have."

Ryan also addressed running-mate Romney's leadership skills. 

"Mitt Romney is a leader. He's a man who knows how to run things. Being successful in business is a good thing— we want more of that."

The Democrats responded to Ryan with a statement released within minutes after the rally ended Monday night. 

"Congressman Ryan brought both his temper and penchant for dishonesty to Michigan today,"  said Matt McGrath, an Obama for America campaign spokesman.  "Ryan told supporters that Romney knows we need a strong auto industry – but Romney would have just ‘let Detroit go bankrupt.’

"The American people have come to expect stunning dishonesty from Congressman Ryan and Mitt Romney, but the truth is their policies would be devastating for middle class families.”

'The most important election of your generation'

Repeating a theme that was heard throughout the night, Ryan called the Nov. 6 election "the most important election of your generation."

He again called on midwestern imagery to bring his final message home to the cheering crowd.

"America is more than the Great Lakes. It's more than the Packers or the Lions, more than the Tigers or the Brewers. It's more than a flag. It's a very special idea," he said.

"Our job is to preserve this."

Ryan reminded the crowd that his ticket has a Michigander and a Wisconsinite and then he called on the Michigan crowd.

"We can do it here. We'll look back at this moment. We need your help, Michigan.

"Let's go out and get this done."

Did you attend the rally? What did you think of the message?

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Mike October 10, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Hmm....How about that......I just ran into another Mike. Lol.
JMB October 10, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Erin, GWB is not running. Libs must be disappointed that we are still in Afghanistan. I'm sure you know that US death toll is up 240% since Obama became Commander in Chief. Don't hear much about the Arab Spring. Obama and Clinton lied and there are 4 Americans killed in Libya. Why didn't they fortify the Embassy or get them out when the Ambassador asked for a flight. I think you will be surprised when the truth comes out. You now have the fiscal and foreign policy equivalent of Jimmy Carter. That's why Romney is jumping ahead in all the polls. The Reagan Democrats are coming home to roost.
Love All October 10, 2012 at 09:07 PM
JMB,,, You do realize that GW Bush was POTUS at the time the US went to war in Afghanistan. You also realize that Bush LEFT the real fight against the 9-11 terrorists to chase his religious folly in Iraq. Iraq, the country that did NOT attack the US. The country that did NOT provide safe harbor for the 9-11 terrorists. The country that did NOT provide a base for Al Qaeda. You do know all of these things to be FACT. (Of course you won't admit it, nor do I expect you to) Had GW Bush STAYED the course in Afghanistan,, the US could have been out of that hell hole YEARS ago, leaving it stable and able to defend itself. INSTEAD,,, the terrorists regrouped,, over 5000 fine Americans were KILLED IN IRAQ,,, over 30,0000 fine Americans were MAIMED IN IRAQ,,, and TRILLIONS of dollars,, BORROWED from CHINA were WASTED in Iraq and terrorist cells now live in the open all OVER the Middle East. All of these thing traceable back to the failed policy of GW Bush. So please,, get off your "moral" high horse talking about what Obama "did" as it PALES by comparison to the massive blunders, missteps and FAILURE to "accomplish" the REAL "mission" post 9-11. It's hilarious you you sat on your hands while Rome burned under Bush, yet you have the gall to make Obama out to be the devil incarnate for a fraction of what our nation experienced between 2000-2008. GW Bush set the misery in motion for the world we live in today. THESE are the FACTS.
Erin October 10, 2012 at 09:55 PM
JMB - correct GWB is NOT running. However, most of his advisors and the architects of the GWB disasters ARE, as in, riding on the tailcoats of, and promised return to GWB policies with a Romney presidency. EFFECTIVELY it would be a third term of GWB, that's all that matters. It's like a company looking for a new CEO and saying, "Hmmm, let's hire someone who totally ruined the last company they worked for. Then ask him to bring all the worst of his team. I'm sure THIS time it will be different. Brilliant!"
Mike October 10, 2012 at 09:59 PM
What a laugh! There wouldn't be any death tolls if your Republican administration wouldn't have plunged us into those wars in the first place. Oh, but Halliburton made out alright.......You remember Halliburton......Dick Cheney's old Company?
Mike October 11, 2012 at 02:19 AM
Talk about sheeple! Wake up kids! You're not rich enough to be Republican. Both sides have moved so far to the right........Your only choice is to vote Democratic. Keep all of your family working. You small business people are being miss leaded. Romney has no plans for your Boutique, your flower shop or your sandwich shop. We're getting stronger now. And I strive more than ever to buy your ice cream and your soup, and have you fix my car, and your flowers.........More people should be making that pledge!
Beth October 11, 2012 at 01:32 PM
It seems to me the defining issue of this election is accountability. Are we, as a country, willing to go along with Obama and his move toward European Socialism, his support ot the Muslim Brotherhood (millions of taxpayer dollars to Egypt), his hapless leadership of our economy and country, and his seeming ineptitude when dealing with foreign policy OR give a man who has turned businesses around, has strong moral fiber, is successful in his capitalism, and certainly seems to love this country, a chance? It comes down to accountability. Who has vision for this country and will not go on apology tours? Who has character and did not have to give up his law license to avoid prosecution? Who wants what is best for their children and grand-children, rather than unfathomable debt hanging around their necks? Who actually seems to like this country and the founding principles? Who is man enough to be accountable to the American people?
Kathy October 11, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Accountability ? This administration's actions in Libya have me so irritated.In a May 3, 2012, email, the State Department denied a request by a group of Special Forces assigned to protect the U.S. embassy in Libya to continue their use of a DC- 3 airplane for security operations throughout the country. The subject line of the email, on which slain Ambassador Chris Stevens was copied, read: “Termination of Tripoli DC-3 Support.” Four days later, on May 7, the State Department authorized the U.S. embassy in Vienna to purchase a $108,000 electric vehicle charging station for the embassy motor pool’s new Chevrolet Volts. The purchase was a part of the State Department’s “Energy Efficiency Sweep of Europe” initiative, which included hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on green program expenditures at various U.S. Embassies. In fact, at a May 10 gala held at the U.S. embassy in Vienna, the ambassador showcased his new Volts and other green investments as part of the U.S. government’s commitment to “climate change solutions.” The event posting on the embassy website read: “Celebrating the Greening of the Embassy.” While the embassy in Vienna was going green, the consulate in Benghazi was getting bombed, and little was done to stop it.
Beth October 11, 2012 at 02:14 PM
I completely agree! There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY is this administration...from his promise to get rid of lobbyists in the WH, then filling the halls with them...to the obscene and criminal handling of the Benghazi attack - and to blame somebody else - this ridiculous video... to the death of Brian Terry, only to be told by Obama that "the southern border has never been more secure..." There is NO accountability in the current administration, and as citizens, we should ALL be hopping mad and demanding answers!
MsMaidstone October 11, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Beth and Kathy your postings reflect my feelings in totality. No accountability, twisted versions of the non truth are abundant in this Obama administration. I am so pained every time I think of the torture and abuse that the four Americans endured in Benghazi.....and then to know it could have been prevented or mitigated. If you really want to know how these people suffered because of the lack of interest in their security by the administration just surf a couple of internet sites that have pictures and words of what happened.I wouldnt wish that on my worse enemy.
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Beth, it is reprehensible that you post such lies about President Obama. It is tragic that you are so blind to not see what the Deceiver Romney is trying to sell himself as your true savior. The stock market has recovered its losses. Manufacturing is on an uptick. Even housing is improving. And, the unemployment rate is back to where it was when he entered office. I'll pick an Obama recovery capitalist over a Romney vulture capitalist any day of the week. On, and discussing accountability and Romney is like discussing oil and water. When he left office, outgoing Gov. Romney's theft of the office computer drives was designed to avoid accountability. When asked for his tax returns - the same that he gave to McCain when he was seeking to be the VP pick - he refused because he knew the American people would hold him accountable for stashing money away in foreign bank accounts. And how can you have "strong moral fiber" and lie so blatantly during his debate. When he dismisses 47% of the country, including our soldiers in combat, as lazy, shiftless, and not willing to take responsibility for themselves to a group of his like-minded plutocrats, and then denies it when caught, that is neither honorable nor a demonstration of accountability. Finally, Romney refuses to divulge his budget plans and tax code rewrites exactly because he knows the American people would not go along with his plans. Obama/Biden 2012. Romney/Ryan when Neptune becomes a tropical oasis.
R Gibson October 11, 2012 at 04:49 PM
FHVoice, how are you any more insightful then Beth? You are just as partisan as Beth is. Frankly I think most of what you talk about is drivel. But I have a question for you. Where is Obama’s plan? I don’t see anything out there specific about jobs, the deficit, the dept, medicare, soc sec, medicaide, gitmo. The only thing he has said publicly is that he is going to raise the taxes on anyone making over 250K. Which frankly, I don’t have a problem with. But other than that, crickets. He has had 4 years and what has he done about jobs? Nothing! His economic commission hasn’t met in 18 months. He rejected the bipartisan Simpson Commission recommendations. He spent the first 18 months of his presidency on health care, which 53% of the country doesn’t want anyway. He lied to us in Colorado when he accepted the nomination. Gitmo still open. Cut the deficit, failed, go line by line and stop wasteful spending, failed, get us home from Afghanistan, failed. Would you like me to go on. What did he do with his political capital. Hmmm, Health Care no one wants, Supported Gay Marriage. Lied to the mother of a Marine killed at the Libyan Embassy. Lied to us about what really happened in Benghazi.
JMB October 11, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Beth and R Gibson, you are both dead on. FH is a paid blogger that cut and pastes. The left is coming unhinged when they do they can get very nasty. You won't hear an explanation for the the 1 trillion wasted on not so shovel ready jobs. 5 trillion in new debt, more people on food stamps, unemployment over 8%, 240 % increase in US fatalities in Afghanistan. Downgrade in our credit rating. Medicare cuts to support Obamacare. Buying votes to pass Obamacare. Caught in lies over Libya. The failed Arab Spring. Disrespecting Netanyahu, while treasonously telling Medvedev that he will have "more flexibility after the election" on Nuclear arms. Now I'm sure that FH will come back with something Big Bird or the 1 percenters or other moronic one liners. This is the small ball that Obama is forced to play because when you look at his results and not the rhetoric it is obvious he is a failure. As FH knows they are losing the swing voters because intelligent people would rather go for the unknown than to stick with Obama's history of failure. More people are turning out for Ryan rallies than for Obama. R&R 2012
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 06:44 PM
"FHVoice, how are you any more insightful then Beth? You are just as partisan as Beth is." Partisan, yes, however, she lied and I didn't. That's how we differ. "I don’t see anything out there specific about jobs" - Partisan Republicans have not voted on the President's jobs bill, unwilling to give President Obama a win on this issue. "He has had 4 years and what has he done about jobs? Nothing! "WTF?!? When President Obama took office, we were LOSING over $750,00 jobs per month! He has cut small business taxes over 10 times. He has offered legislation to encourage job growth - legiation the GOP has fought. They'd rather see the nation go bankrupt, a la Romney's let Detroit go bankrupt. "He rejected the bipartisan Simpson Commission recommendations." - There were no recommendations! The commission could not reach an agreement! "Gitmo still open" - because Congress would not allow inmates to be transferred to the US. "Get us home from Afghanistan" - in progress, after having cut the head off al-Qaida - something he accomplished in less than 4 years, after Bush - and Romney - gave up upon! "Health Care no one wants" - Oh, since, as you say, 53% "don't want it", the other 47%, don't count? "Lied to the mother of a Marine killed at the Libyan Embassy. " - No, he didn't, and besides, the mother asked Romney (and now, by extension, you) to not make his death a political issue.
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Consider this treatise on how to neutralize the natural opposition of the middle class to rule by an aristocracy (from http://tinyurl.com/8dg85x3): "The errand boy of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson will attempt break the American middle class by destroying their will to be citizens.  Romney can start with the 47% that he insults in chats with your wealthy friends at fundraisers and work his way up to the 99%. The better way to level the middle class is to simply destroy their capacity to participate in the process by attacking the things in people’s heads which empower them to act.  The most basic thing to attack is their sense of reality; their confidence in what they know; their knowledge of what is true.  That is what the 27 lies on national television which Romney told were about last week.  That’s why someone subsidizes Orly Taitz’s birther lawsuits.  Over time such massive dishonesty destroy the ordinary person’s confidence any anything factual or real related to government.  If frees the right to motivate the tea party through fear and prejudice.  It destroys the progressive voter’s willingness to commit. If the nominee of a major Party tells 27 lies on Wednesday, dismissing hard economic data that unemployment in the United States is at it lowest level in four years on Friday as fraudulent, he can be leverage that through the media’s commitment to moral equivalency into two wins." …
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 06:56 PM
… Yes, the stakes are high. Don't be fooled. For example, Romney wants to add $2 TRILLION in new military spending as well as keep fighting in Afghanistan forever. Of course you know that after GW Bush led us into a disastrous war under the false flag of WMD, Romney picked Bush's advisors as his own, right? Can we afford another four years of Bushism, with its wild militarism and trickle down economics that even Reagan's Director of OMB has called a sham? NO! Obama/Biden 2012
Keith Best October 11, 2012 at 07:22 PM
Think about this...What makes people think a First-Term senator who spent most of that First-Term running for another office, is qualified to oversee the world's largest economy? Not only that, he was a First-Term state senator who spent most of that First-Term running for another office. And you wonder why he was lost without TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States) Romney/ Ryan 2012...if you want to save this country.
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 07:26 PM
JMB, you and your crew are dead wrong. "unemployment over 8%" - lie. "Downgrade in our credit rating." - Caused by the GOP playing politics with the debt ceiling. As a representative put it "The first thing [lawmakers] could have done is to have raised the debt ceilng in a timely manner so that much of this debate had been avoided to begin with, as it had done 60 or 70 times since 1960 without that much debate." ," Chambers said. "Medicare cuts to support Obamacare." - Reductions in the rate of growth in the future, negotiated with and agree to by providers, and applied so that more people could have access to affordable care. Ryan's budget used the same reductions to fund tax cuts for the rich, while converting Medicare to Vouchercare. "The failed Arab Spring." - What?!? Oh, I see. The US is supposed to pull the strings on everyone's revolution. What a neocon! …
FHVoice October 11, 2012 at 07:26 PM
… " Disrespecting Netanyahu" - Netanyahu made it clear he wasn't disrespected: "You know, I'm always pleased and -- and happy to have a conversation with President Obama.  He's -- I think he's met me more than any other leader in the world and I -- I appreciate that.  We've had our discussions.  Our-- our schedules on this visit didn't work out.  I come to New York and he leaves New York.  But we continue in close consultations.  We have urgent business, Israel and America, to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons." And remember, Netanyahu is a former business partner of Romney, and the Israeli Prime Minister has inserted himself in our American election. This is not healthy for either country. "they are losing the swing voters because intelligent people would rather go for the unknown" As Romney & Ryan are exposed, they are no longer "unknown", but reveal the damage they would wrought over women's rights, labor rights, economic justice, and the SCOTUS. R&R want to run a stealth campaign, but when people waken to their agenda (which is why they try to hide it), they reject it. And btw, any of my cut and paste of the truth trumps your GOP talking point strung out without a hint of punctuation or thought. Your ODS is kicking up again. A third GW Bush administration? NO! Obama/Biden 2012
Beth October 11, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Dear FH: You crack me up! You say, "...want to run a stealth campaign, but when people waken to their agenda (which is why they try to hide it), they reject it." well, how true is THAT about Obama - have you heard of the Tea Party?! AND, I stick to my post Tuesday morning at 9:14 a.m.: The place was packed. The energy High, with lots of teens and young adults. The message positive, as opposed to blaming somebody else, and November 6th right around the corner...America needs a leader who can think for himself, as opposed to being spoon-fed by a teleprompter... LOVED it!
Johnny Q. October 11, 2012 at 09:01 PM
"You won't hear an explanation for the the 1 trillion wasted on not so shovel ready jobs." This is completely false. 1/3 of the stimulus was for tax cuts. Republicans must hate tax cuts when Democrats are the ones cutting taxes. Many infrastructure projects were shovel ready and were completed on time, boosting construction employment and local economies. Many of those projects were right here in southeast Michigan.
Plain Coffee October 11, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Well, yes, I've heard that of the Tea Party.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:36 PM
FHVoice, all you can do is blame everyone else for Obama's complete lack of leadership. You are intellectually devoid of any ability to see beyond your own hatred and partisanship. And the funny thing is your partisanship is only superseded by your ignorance. You said “"He rejected the bipartisan Simpson Commission recommendations." - There were no recommendations! The commission could not reach an agreement!” Here are 5. 1. $200 billion reduction per year in discretionary spending[14] with proposed cuts including reducing defense procurement by 15% and closing one third of overseas bases, eliminating earmarks, and cutting the federal work force by 10%. 2. $100 billion in increased tax revenues through various tax reform proposals,[14] such as introducing a 15 cent per gallon gasoline tax and eliminating or restricting a variety of tax deductions such as the home mortgage interest deduction and the deduction for employer-provided healthcare benefits. 3. Controlling health care costs by maintaining the Medicare cost controls associated with the recent health care reform legislation,[14] in addition to considering a public option and a further increase in the authority of Independent Payment Advisory Board. 4. A reduction in entitlements, including farm subsidies, civilian and military federal pensions and student loan subsidies.[14][15] 5. Modifications to the Social Security program to raise the payroll tax and the retirement age.[14]
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Here is the link to the Washington Post, a newspaper that certainly you support, discussing Pat Smith's comments about her son's death. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/election-2012/wp/2012/10/11/mother-of-slain-official-demands-answers-from-obama-administration/ As for politicizing the deaths in Libya, how dare you suggest that the lives lost in our military are so trivial that we should not call out any government official who blatantly lies to the American public and the families about how they died. I don’t care whether it is dem or rep, Congressman, Senator or President. you don’t lie to us.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Thanks JMB. You hit it outta the ball park.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:46 PM
FHV, Lies Lies Lies. You and BO have no record to run on, you f'd it up and so you tell lie after lie after lie. Now your leader Stephanie Cutter is blaming R and R for Libya. I mean come on how pathetic can you be.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:53 PM
FHVoice, this is the Bloomfield Patch, not the Farmington Hills patch, if that is really even where you are from. I live here, this site is for residents of Bloomfield. You on the other hand are just another hired thug by the Obama Campaign who is a Social Media Hacker trying to spread your false narrative. Please go and spread your hatred and vitriol somewhere else. You aren't welcome here. This site is for those of us who live in this community so we can have an honest exchange of ideas without your slop and drivel. You have made a fool of yourself. It is time for you to leave. Thanks, Take Care, and Ba Bye.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Pay no attention to FHVoice. He or She is a hired thug from the Obama Campaign trolling Social Media sites trying to spread his propoganda.
Erin October 12, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Mike - Yes, I remember Cheney's Halliburton and the war profiteering in Iraq. But please, don't forget another one of Halliburton's greatest hits: They were the cement seal guys in the BP oil disaster in the Gulf!!
Erin October 12, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Beth and Kathy - I'm sorry, the Libya incident does not compare at all to the scale of the lack of accountability of the fraud and deceit that got us into, and kept us in, the illegal war in Iraq. And not only illegal, but intentionally kept OFF the books and budgets by W's budget director Mitch Daniels. The first time the wars were included in the budget was when Obama took office and he directed it be done. Hmmm, how did the defeciet jump so fast the day he got in office? There you go - 2 wars on a Chinese credit card were waiting for the next sucker to figure out how pay for it. It is appalling and frightening that there has never been an accounting of that fiasco. Still. To this day. You should be appalled as well. Sorry, but the current crop of Republicans (I'll qualify, on the NATIONAL stage) have ZERO credibility when it comes to foreign policy and debt. They crashed the national car last time around. And there has been no accounting for it, no apology, no "we've learned from our errors and will do better". The only promises we have from R/R is to go back to GWB in all these areas. THAT should scare you as well.


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