Rochester Hills to Vote on $725,150 Salt Storage Facility

City Council to vote on awarding contract to Macomb-based MJC Construction Management.

If approved by the Rochester Hills City Council at Monday's meeting, the Rochester Hills Department of Public Services (DPS) will see a $725,150 upgrade to its salt-storage capabilities. 

The meeting is 7 p.m. Monday at 1000 Rochester Hills Drive.

Council members will be asked to vote on awarding a contract to Macomb-based MJC Construction Management for $725,150 plus a 10 percent contingency for a total not to exceed $‎825‎,‎165 for a salt storage building.

The building, according to materials included in the meeting agenda, would be designed to accommodate 3,500 tons of salt. The DPS used nearly 4,428 tons of salt in 2011.

The construction would include demolition of part of the older DPS facility, built in 1972, according to city documents. It also will include 8-12-foot concrete support walls, a rubber membrane roof and will use materials resistant to salt corrosion.

According to city documents, Rochester Hills received 18 bids for construction of the building, with MJC Construction Management coming in as the lowest adequate bid, below the city's estimate of $880,000.

If approved, work on the facility will begin in May with an estimated completion date of mid-September. 

A separate vote would authorize a $40,000 contract with Livonia-based Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc. for construction engineering services for the project with a total cost not to exceed $104,000. 

According to the meeting agenda, the salt storage project had been adopted in the 2010 city budget with $440,000 earmarked for the project and it had been carried over to the 2013 budget. A separate project converting the former DPS garage into cold storage also has been included in this project, the agenda indicates, with an original budget impact gauged at $288,000 and work slated to begin in 2015.

Once it was determined the salt storage would be situated at the south end of the former DPS building, the city included the cold storage project in a first-quarter 2013 budget amendment. The agenda indicates the remaining $161,165 will be covered in a future budget amendment. 

Also on Monday's agenda:

  • Blanket purchase order for rock salt not to exceed $162,785 from Detroit Salt Company, LLC.
  • Request for approval of the final plat - Vistas of Rochester Hills, a 47-lot single-family subdivision located on 22 acres on the south side of Avon between Rochester and John R.
  • Blanket purchase order for water meters and equipment not to exceed $155,000 through Dec. 31 from Grand Rapids-based ETNA Supply Company.
John McKay April 22, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Vince, I generally don't get buddy-buddy with any elected officials. :)
John McKay April 22, 2013 at 04:52 PM
I look forward to meeting you as well, June! After next weekend I should be making regular appearances at local meetings. So theoretically, by the next scheduled meetings. :)
Scot Beaton April 23, 2013 at 03:58 AM
John... So James Rosen votes NO. City Attorney John Staran did do an excellent job answering the funding question... we will borrow money from water sewer fund balance and pay back over the next 20 years out of the local road funds to pay for the new salt storage building. John... I'm all in favor of giving our hard working employees at the DPS the best tools to work with and maintain our streets summer and winter... this was a bottom up decision with the employees who do the work -- and this expense is all about a better service for the residents. The best argument tonight was salting roads save lives. note: Next time oversight of a project ($40,000.00) I would like to see a bid also from our building department for that expense -- they also have this expertise. John... after the meeting thanks for your time... please do what I said... get a hold of Lee Zendel and Laurie Puscas. They both are extremely bright individuals and I think it would be fantastic if you did an interview with both of them about our City and our City's future.
Wendy Pachla April 24, 2013 at 03:00 AM
Do I understand this correctly? We're going to borrow money from a fund intended to maintain our aging sewer system and pay it back with funds intended to maintain our crumbling roads? Seriously?
Scot Beaton April 24, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Wendy... To answer your question YES! This is a game of 'robbing Peter to pay Paul...' and I wish every registered voter in Rochester Hills new the facts. You have to pass a tax... which would take a vote of the people to raise revenue to fund a road millage fund balance. You do not need permission to raise your water bill that only takes a vote of council. So Rochester Hills instead of being open and transparent is going to 'rob Peter to pay Paul...' revenue from the water sewer fund to pay for a building that's intent is to maintain roads and has NOTHING to do with the water sewer department.


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