Rochester Hills Leaders Will Consider Community Garden Agreement Tonight

Also on city council's agenda: the purchase of playground equipment for Borden Park and a resolution honoring middle schooler Owen Groesser.

Rochester Hills City Council will consider a request to enter into a service agreement with Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve to create a Community Garden at Wabash Park.

"Community gardens are places where neighbors can gather to cultivate plants, vegetables and fruits," stated Mayor Bryan Barnett in a memo to councilmembers about the garden plan, which he introduced last month. "Such gardens can improve nutrition, physical activity, community engagement, safety and economic vitality for a neighborhood and its residents."

The city of Rochester built a community garden two years ago; read about that garden here

The Rochester Hills Community Garden would have 108 4-foot-by-4-foot raised beds. It would be surrounded by a fence to keep deer away; there would be a water station in the center of the garden.

If City Council approves the request, the garden would be built in time for the growing season this spring.

Read more about the agreement with Dinosaur Hill here.

City Council meets at 7 p.m. at Rochester Hills City Hall.

Also on the agenda: A resolution honoring Owen Groesser, the Van Hoosen basketball player who made news when he was featured on ESPN earlier this year.


City Council will also consider funding playground equipment at Borden Park. Check out the full agenda here.

Scot Beaton March 04, 2013 at 10:50 PM
I brought up at the last CC meeting with the Mayor if he or his staff has communicated this idea with the homeowners that surround the park. His answer was NO... but he promised a dialogue with the homeowners before final construction. Said it would be difficult because 'they don't belong to an organized homeowners association' ... his words play the tape! I still don't have a clue if the city has even talked to the surrounding neighbors; that the city want's to turn their neighborhood park into fenced off farmland so residents can grow their vegetables there...! Each 4'x4' lease plant box will also require a 10'x18' asphalt parking spot if we are going to uphold our city's building ordinances. There are going to be 80 to 100 planter boxes first phase of this project. I love the idea... wrong location -- old DPS buildings on Auburn Rd -- they are going to tear down those buildings... build the Community Garden there. NOT in a quaint neighborhood park!
Concerned March 05, 2013 at 02:25 PM
Scot, Thank you for the support last night at the meeting. As it was very clear at the meeting, the residents of the neigborhood do not want this at Wabsh Park. It is also very clear that the Mayor and most of city council DO NOT care what we have to say. I, we plan on fighting this. Our voices will be heard. Your knoweldge of the process is valuable and gives us a chance. Can you please contact me at wabashpark@gmail.com. I would like to meet with you to dicuss. The area of the Park is the only area our children can play, the rest of the park is low and wet. We know this, we have been there. Has council been there. I have walked the neighborhood, talked to my neighbors, most of which knew nothing about this plan. The plan that goes agaisnt the city's Parks Master Plan Again, thanks for the support. Brian Hoppe
Kristin Bull March 05, 2013 at 02:29 PM
The Rochester Hills City Council approved last night the management agreement with Dinosaur Hill for the community garden, paving the way for the garden to be open by Memorial Day. Several residents in the area of Wabash Park expressed their concerns about the location of the garden; other residents of the city expressed their excitement with the garden coming to town. We're working on a complete story.
Concerned March 05, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Us residents of the neighborhood are not agaisnt a Community Garden. The city is taking away the only area on the park that the kids can play due to the layout of the park. The rest of the park is wet. They is other places to put the garden. Bloomer, Boarden, Nowiciki. Although a city park, for the past 27 years in which I have lived a few house from the park it has been a neighborhood. Letters were sent to people within 1000 feet of the park. I live 5 house away, I did not get one. Those letters came less then a week before the meeting. A motion was brought up last night by Ravi Yalamanchi and James Rosen (THANK YOU) to give the residents 2 weeks to dicuss and voice their opinion. that was shot down because the rest of Council and the MAYOR do not care
Scot Beaton March 05, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Wabash Park; they continue to also lie to the residents... last nights CC meeting they showed a graphic on the big screen that only showed what is going to be built in the first phase. What was available to CC were future expansion plans that will make this community garden 4 times the size that was presented to the residents last night... see attachment. I really feel sad for the homeowner just north of the garden... all summer long the warm south breeze will blow the compost smell right across his back yard... Its so sad they just don't care!


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