Primary Election Results in Review

Here's a guide to winners in Rochester and across the region.

In Rochester and Rochester Hills

: The "yes" votes win 70-30 percent in Tuesday's primary for the police service millage plan in Rochester Hills.

 "It's been fun ... If you're trying to do something good, why be stressed about it?" she says about her campaign so far.

In Oakland Township

: Terry Gonser won the election for Oakland Township Supervisor in Tuesday night's primary, according to unofficial results. Karen Reilly won clerk, and Jeanne M. Langlois won for treasurer.

: The millage was renewed easily and will now go into effect for another 10 years.

In Oakland County

: Incumbent County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and incumbent County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard win the Republican nominations by a wide margin.

For Congress

: Syed Taj has the lead over Bill Roberts in the primary election, faces Kerry Bentivolio in November.

: Kerry Bentivolio claimed victory as the Republican candidate for Michigan's 11th District in the primary Tuesday.

: Rogers won by a landslide, according to unofficial polling results Tuesday night.

U.S. Senate

: Current U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow will face Pete Hoekstra in the November election after voters narrowed the field Tuesday during the August primary.

Across the region

: The DIA millage passed Macomb and Oakland counties Tuesday, with Wayne County still reporting its results.

Scot Beaton August 08, 2012 at 02:19 PM
A) So I will chalk this one up to the $25,000 taxpayer funded NO NEW TAX campaign. I'm in the advertising business and if you keep telling your consumer over and over again -- whether the message is true or false they will believe you. And when your competition has zero dollars to get their message out... well you don't have to be smarter than a 5th grader to figure out who wins that battle. B) Or I will chalk this one up to the overwhelming love affair and trust Rochester Hills voters have with their elected officials. Council Members: Hooper, Rosen, Tisdel, Kochkenderfer, Webber, Klomp voted yes for the up to 3.7083 mills tax increase, Yalamanchi voted no -- so he must be totally clueless understanding the trust our residents have for our Mayor and Council. You decide A or B... let the Patch know post a comment. The proof will be in the pudding... page 215 -- projected 2013 RH budget has $4,749,610 general fund dollars dedicated for police which now our new tax will cover instead -- so were looking at almost five million bucks your trusted elected officials can't touch without raising taxes -- it will be fun to see how long that lasts.


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