Your Guide to the Tuesday Election

Next Tuesday, voters in Rochester and Rochester Hills will head to the polls.

One week from today, three school board members, one mayor and seven city councilmembers will be elected in Rochester and Rochester Hills.

That means you have one week left to figure out where and when you're voting — and who you're voting for.

Patch will help.

Since before the primary election in August we've been prepping you with candidate stories and voter information. This week, we'll feature the last of our candidate profiles, and we'll also re-direct you to the profiles we've published so far.

Here, we give you the basics (who, what, when and how).

The rest is up to you.

We'd like to know what you still need to know to make your decision — and we vow to help you find the answers. Let us know, in the comment section attached to this story, what issues you still want to hear candidates' stances on, and we'll find the answers for you.

We love informed voters.

Where to vote

In Rochester Hills, before the primary election this summer. Whether you live in Rochester or Rochester Hills, if you did NOT receive a new voter identification card, your voting location remains the same as in the past.

To be sure, visit this site, from the Michigan Secretary of State office, to find your precinct.

How to vote

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. next Tuesday, Nov. 8, in both Rochester and Rochester Hills.

If you can't make it to the polling precincts on Election Day, you can request an absentee ballot — or fill out an absentee ballot in person at either city clerks' office. Applications must be received by 2 p.m. Saturday (though you can still fill out an absentee ballot in person until 4 p.m. Monday at the clerks' offices).

Who is running

In Rochester, there are six candidates vying for four city council seats. Candidates are: , , , , and .

In Rochester Hills, there are four candidates vying for two at-large city council seats. Candidates are , , and . There are also two candidates vying for the District 2 city council seat; they are and .

Rochester Hills voters will also elect a mayor; candidates are and .

Voters in Rochester and Rochester Hills will elect three board of education members. Candidates are , , , and .

Also on the ballot

In Rochester Hills, there will be a ballot question concerning city-owned parks and green spaces. A copy of the . If approved, the question would amend the city charter.

For your reading/viewing information

Rochester Patch has been covering the issues and candidates for the past six months. Visit our Election Page for past stories, including reports on where candidates stand on different issues.

In addition, the Oakland County chapter of the League of Women Voters has voter guides, as well as videos of candidate debates, online at www.lwvoa.org.

Mike Reno November 05, 2011 at 06:20 PM
Does it seem to anyone else that this is morphing into one big slate for both the City Council and the School board? There is a slate running for the city council, and a slate running for the school board. They endorse each other... distribute group mailers, etc. It's just hard to understand why people would support groupthink. I've also noticed that there seems to be an invasion of Oakland University! OU prez endorsing one candidate, OU VP endorsing another, two OU teachers on the ballot, OU mags running articles that only mention slate candidates. Big huge Chicago-style political machine! :-)
laurie puscas November 05, 2011 at 07:11 PM
They all have their big wage increases and huge pension contributions to protect and the taxpayer being left with slashed services and likely new millages to pay for it all.
Rachael November 06, 2011 at 02:26 AM
It has reached the point where taxpayers have a chance to make a change or simply shut up and quietly pay your future tax increases to cover the increased benefits your public employee get and you DON'T. You are correct when you say that we have slate politics running both the City Council and the School Board. Voters- last chance Make a difference, vote for independent candidates..You might not be able to fix Washngton or Lansing, but you can have an immediate impact on your own City. I also have to say it......to the 52% of women who make up the Rochester Hills voters population. Are you really OK with ZERO women on Council? I am not talking about a 52% share. How about just ONE! I am mean seriously, I can't believe we are even discussing it.
Wendi Santavicca November 07, 2011 at 05:14 AM
It really sounds to me like all the comments are very negative and not informative at all. I personally know and have worked countless hours with Beth Talbert and can honestly say she truly has the students best interest at heart. She is running for the right reason, to keep Rochester Community Schools as one of the best schools in our state! What I find is most of the time when negativity persists you mush crush it with positivity, that said I am positive that Beth Talbert, Jane Pierobon and Pat Piskulich are all running for the school board to make sure we stay at the top!
Mike Reno November 07, 2011 at 02:18 PM
I would hope we can agree that EVERYONE has the best interests of ALL of our students at heart. I think we instead need to look at results: Budget deficits, low College Readiness Scores, increased taxes, and so on. We can't just keep doing what we've been doing. The school slate is trying to win three seats. How about a compromise... they are going to get two of the three seats no matter what. Cast the third vote for Jeremy... bring a little independence! Jeremy will add a unique perspective... bring new, fresh ideas!


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