Precinct Chairs Report Steady Turnout for Presidential Primary

Oakland Township, Rochester and Rochester Hills polls were open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Patch covered the primary election all day. Here are some details:

7:00 p.m.: Turnout to Rochester Precincts 1 and 3 within the was reportedly light all day.

Still, Pat Pritcherd, chairperson for Precinct 1, noted that the turnout was better than she anticipated. Jim Yezak, chairperson for Precinct 3 said he hoped there would have been more people voting and that there had been about 12 voters passing through every hour.

Rochester resident Paul Thomas went to the Rochester Community House to vote after work and said he voted for Mitt Romney.

"I just think he has a good business sense," Thomas said. "He is more capable of steering the ship."

Thomas also noted that he thinks Romney has some very conservative views, but listens to what others have to say.

6:30 p.m.: in Rochester, site for Precinct 2 and 4 for Rochester residents, picked up around dinner time. Justine Reale, chairperson for Precinct 2 said that the rest of the day had been very slow, with quite a few lulls throughout the day.

Chairperson for Precinct 4, Meb McFadden, said that considering Precinct 4 is the smallest Rochester precinct, they were pretty happy with the turnout.

"It's been steady, so we're pretty happy," McFadden said.

Brandon Couture, 24, of Rochester cast his vote at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, and though he didn't divulge who he voted for, he did say that it is important that everyone vote.

"These are the rights that people fought for," he said. "It's irresponsible for people to take the freedom to vote so lightly ... who we vote for will impact our children's lives."

5:45 p.m.: With just over two more hours left for voting Karen Brennan, deputy clerk for Oakland Township, reported that there were no problems at any of the township's eight precincts throughout the day.

"I think things have been steady and smooth," Brennan said.

12:20 p.m.: Rochester Hills resident Georgia Yerant voted for Ron Paul today at , which is Precinct 8 and 26 for Rochester Hills residents. She said she believes he is the most in touch with the citizens of the United States.

"I think he knows what we're looking for ... and I like what he stands for," Yerant said. "I'm not convinced with the others yet."

Yerant also said she hopes that young adults are exercising their right to vote.

"Voting is an important thing. It's important to hear the voice of the people ... and it shows people care," she said. "I am hoping young people get out and vote because they are the future."

Noon: According to Sue Grubba, chairperson for Precinct 7 at , the turnout has been consistently growing every hour.

"It's better than we thought it would be," Grubba said. "For the primary we didn't think it would be as steady as it is."

Grubba did note that very few democrats had voted thus far.

Oakland Township resident Timothy Coticchia, 19, voted in his first presidential primary today at Precinct 7. Coticchia attends Oakland Community College and is an area Eagle Scout who thinks voting is important.

"You have to make sure you vote for the right leader so our country can be safe," Coticchia said. "Personally I think a good leader is one that can stand sort of in the middle. One that can lean to one side at times, but respect the other."

Coticchia voted alongside his mother, Claudia, who said she can't imagine not voting.

"So many people in other countries have to fight for their right to vote and it's so easy for us," she said.

10:35 a.m.: Suzanne Tanner was the 34th person to cast her vote at Precinct 24 at . She arrived just before 10:30 with her two young sons in tow.

"I think it's important to get out and vote and to show the boys that this is an important part of being an American citizen," Tanner said.

Bob Satawa, precinct poll worker, said turnout so far "had been sporadic," though it usually picks up starting at lunch time.

10 a.m.: A steady flow of voters made their way into , which serves as Precinct 5 and 8 for Oakland Township residents, Tuesday morning to cast their vote for the presidential primary.

Rob Ciaciuch, 31, of Oakland Township was one of the voters who showed up Tuesday morning and declared he was voting for Ron Paul.

"I'm voting for him because I believe in his views on the war," Ciaciuch said.

A few Mitt Romney followers were at Delta Kelly this morning as well.

"His background experience is better than the rest," Scott Reed, 54, of Oakland Township explained.

Both Precinct 5 and 8 are located through the front entrance of Dutton Elementary School and just down the main hallway.

If you are still unsure where you vote today, check out the map of Oakland Township's eight precincts . There are and . Or if you are not sure where your polling place is visit the Michigan Votes Voter Information Center.


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