Is M-59 Louder Since Its Re-Paving?

Rochester Hills City Council heard a citizen complaint during Monday night's meeting regarding M-59 noise.

Rochester Hills resident, Pastor Kathy Wuopio, attended Monday night's Rochester Hills City Council meeting to present a signed petition complaining about noise from M-59 since its repaving.

"I am standing in the gap here for 55 families of Avon-On-The-Lake," Wuopio said to the council.

Avon-On-The-Lake is an age-qualified mobile home park off of Auburn. It is home to approximately 600 families, many disabled or in wheelchairs, Wuopio said.

According to Wuopio since last year's resurfacing of M-59, "terrible noise is coming right into our homes all hours of day and night."

Wuopio believes the noise comes from incorrectly laid rumble strips. She talked to the road commission with no result and came Monday to ask the city council for help.

"I know exactly what you're saying"

After hearing Wuopio's comments, City Council President Greg Hooper said the council would pursue the matter through MDOT as the M-59 resurfacing was a state project but "needs to be addressed."

Hooper said they would investigate the offensive rumble strips and maybe remove the particularly offensive ones near Avon-On-The-Lake while maintaining the safety on M-59.

Council Member Ravi Yalamanchi also added, "I know exactly what you're saying; I live north of 59 and I dare open the window."


Scot Beaton October 13, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Don't like walls -- would rather see berms covered in pine trees if there is room. Hey Patch readers wish I'd looked at the plans closer... who made the dumb decision to build the new south wall -- just south of Rochester Road along side of the freeway and not along the property line? I have three major problems with this blunder 1. noise -- the sound will bounce off this new wall louder to the north side of the freeway because now we can't plant trees between the wall and the freeway to absorb the noise. 2. wet weather -- snow -- any kind of emergency where you have to get out of the way...? We have no choice now but to crash into a wall... yikes! 3. Who is going to maintain or even more importantly who is going -- and how to police this public property between the new wall and the property owners who backup to this new wall? Don't know about you but I would not like to own property that backs up to public property that can't be seen or policed? note: Luckily we have Mayoral term limitations -- next time we decide to elect a new one it would be nice if they were not clueless when it comes to urban planning... just a personal observation. Also did you know that the Mayor's original idea was to decorate every wall panel with his new brown dead tree logo and paint the logo also with those colors on every panel... wow! -- don't know about you that would have been quite the eyesore. Lucky myself and a few residents convinced the Planning Commission to throw out that bad idea!
doug October 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Scott: The Mayor isnt going anywhere....Ever hear of a write in campaign. He can run again and with a vigorous absentee ballot write in campaign, Considering that he has the OPC and Mary Miller in his backpocket, the elections clerk on his staff, etc...he probably can win again.. The Road Commission is an embarassement. They create projects with stupid solutions nobody wants. The next debacle will be the Tienken Road project. They want to force a round-about down everyones throat at Tienken and Liversnois. Wait until you see the cost over-runs of having the compensate all the land owners on that corner....
Mary Vito October 14, 2012 at 04:28 PM
I have lived less than a quarter of a mile north of M-59 for 27 years and just this last widening and resurfacing has caused me many sleepless nights due to car noise. The noise has increased immensely. There is no sleeping in past 6am when traffic starts and the number of sirens that blare for miles along it in the middle of the night is surprising.
Susan Harrie October 15, 2012 at 04:52 AM
The noise from 59 and Rochester road is so annoying. Open the windows for fresh air and all peace is lost. Who designed this. Slow the traffic on Rochester road. The speed limit does not need to be 50. Can't wait to move from this area...
Sherry Brown October 28, 2012 at 09:31 PM
I just moved into Avon on the Lakes & did not realize the noise was so loud. Yes need some type of barrier as well as grids fixed or removed. Also need to set up speed limit sign. No one is slowing down they just fly over grids. The trucks are the worst I can't imagine why they have to hit their horn so Tften unless they are traveling too fast . My home is just a yard away & my home vibrates when large trucks go past. I find the only time its quiet is early Sunday a.m. We definitely need to keep on top of this or we will never get any rest. P.S. Couldn't have barbeque it was so loud at 7 pm no one could hear the other.. It is hard to believe someone did not know the problem this would cause for area residents.


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