Video Shows Scope of Water Main Break That Caused Rochester's Boil Order

A boil water alert for part of Rochester and surrounding communities remains in effect after a large water main break on 24 Mile Road.

A remains in effect for the east side of Rochester, as well as Shelby Township and Lenox Township, after a water main ruptured on 24 Mile Road on Tuesday. 

Police have closed off 24 Mile Road from Jewell to Schoenherr roads in Shelby Township while the Detroit Water Department works to get a cap on the massive break, which has caused flooding on the roadway and to the surrounding area. 

Water started gushing from the broken 36-inch Detroit water main before noon.

"With that main being broken, we are reduced by a third from the amount of water we get from Detroit. This is one of the main feeder systems we have in Shelby," said Shelby Township Fire Chief James Swinkowski.

There is no word on why the water main ruptured. Swinkowski said 24 Mile Road would remain closed for at least a few more days because the water main break has torn up the road and water damage has caused severe soil erosion.

"Even though you can see the concrete it may not be safe to walk on it," said Swinkowski.

Residents who live on 24 Mile Road between Jewell and Schoenherr are being allowed to enter and exit their neighborhoods. However, Swinkowski said there are about 25 homes in a subdivision that are basically trapped by the water.

What you need to know:

  • Boil water alert remains in effect – Any use of water for human consumption should be boiled for a minimum of five minutes and allowed to cool prior to use. All non-essential use of water should be discontinued immediately.
  • Avoid 24 Mile Road between Schoenherr and Jewell roads until further notice.
  • Children are not to play in the water on the street.
  • Children are asked to stay away from sewer drains that may be backed up.
Rachel Dornan May 30, 2012 at 12:47 AM
I am scared
Rollie Rittner May 30, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Rochester Water Company, at 150 Elizabeth Lane (1/4 mile East of Main, off of Second Street) has purified bottled water, in stock. 5 gallon jugs, dispensers and 16.9 oz bottles. 248-651-7093
Luana Cesario June 24, 2012 at 01:57 PM
This is not very clear as to which area of Rochester should have been boiling water. I heard about this just yesterday, almost a month after the incident! Better communication is needed for area residents.


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