Police Say Attorney Shot Multiple Times in ‘Botched Robbery’: UPDATED

At least one of the four suspects in an April 30 shooting in Bloomfield Hills knew the victim, authorities say.

David N. Zacks, a prominent Bloomfield Hills attorney, was shot multiple times April 30 in what police are calling "a botched robbery." (Photo: Ishbia & Gagleard)
David N. Zacks, a prominent Bloomfield Hills attorney, was shot multiple times April 30 in what police are calling "a botched robbery." (Photo: Ishbia & Gagleard)

Updated story:

Four people have been charged in the April 30 shooting of David N. Zacks  in what Bloomfield police are calling a “botched robbery.”

They include Cassandra Chobod, 28, the mastermind, and Devon Dominique Miller, 21, the alleged gunman. Others arraigned in 48th District Court include Henry Williams, 20, and Christopher Hernandez-Monteil, 20.

Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Director David Hendrickson said Chobod and Zacks knew one another and she came up with the failed plan to rob him. “The robbery attempt went bad,” Hendrickson said, according to a story in the The Observer & Eccentric.

The four face multiple felony charges, including assault with attempt to commit murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, conspiracy to commit home invasion and weapons charges. If convicted, they could spend life in prison.

Miller and Williams are being held on $5 million bond. Bond was set at $2 million for Chobod and Monteil. Miller and Williams were both on parole and had been convicted earlier of committing bank robbery together.

According to police, the four went to the Zacks home thinking it was unoccupied earlier in the evening, but when they realized people were home, they left to get a gun. Miller allegedly rang the doorbell, claimed to be a police officer and demanded entry. When Zacks refused and said he was calling 911, Miller allegedly shot five times through the closed door. Zacks sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

The four will next appear in court on May 12, when they will appear before Judge Kimberly Small.

Patch reported earlier:

Four people have been identified as suspects so far in the April 30 shooting of a prominent Bloomfield Hills attorney in what authorities are describing as a botched robbery.

One of the suspects reportedly knew the victim, David N. Zacks, who lives in an upscale home in the 200 block of Woodwind Drive, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Police aren’t saying much about their investigation, which involved the Oakland County Major Crimes Assistance Team, except to confirm that one person was waiting in the car and three others were on the property when Zacks, 57,  was shot multiple times through a closed door about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when he refused to open the door to a man who identified himself as a police officer.

Zacks asked the suspect to leave and said he was calling 911 when the suspect fired multiple shots. Zacks is recovering at an area hospital, where he is reportedly in stable condition.

“I’d say it was a botched robbery,” Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Director David Hendrickson said.”We’re just happy we were able to solve this quickly.”

He said additional details are being withheld because the investigation is continuing.

The suspects are from Sterling Heights and several of them have extensive criminal records, police said.

Zacks, is a partner with the Birmingham law firm of Ishbia & Gagleard.

Mumford Chopp May 06, 2014 at 11:32 AM
At least 3 shots? Count the number of holes in the door...geez
Beege Marshall June 03, 2014 at 04:07 PM
Sounds like Cassandra (who the article says knew him) was DETERMINED to get something out of there that she felt entitled to in a big way. Why else would they go get a gun and go back AFTER they tried to get in once and found out someone was home ? If it was only to rob, and they saw he was unexpectedly home, they would have gotten out of there and not gone back.


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