Patients, Family Members Unhappy With Records Request Charges

Costs involved with records retrieval at Crittenton has patients, family members upset.

Patients who were treated by Rochester Hills-based oncologist Dr. Farid Fata and their family members are unhappy with charges they've been invoiced while trying to uncover more information about the treatments received under Fata's care, according to a report by WXYZ-TV.

Fata, who operated Michigan Hematology Oncology, PC, in Rochester Hills, was arrested earlier this month on accusations he deliberately misdiagnosed patients and administered chemotherapy treatments to patients who were in remission or at end-of-life as part of a Medicare billing fraud scheme.

According to the report, Crittenton Hospital uses a third-party company for records requests and patients and family members have not been happy with the bill they've received after requesting further information.

Patty Parzych told WXYZ-TV she received an invoice totaling nearly $1,100 when she requested records for her late brother, who was under Fata's care. 

Crittenton told the station if a patient is retrieving records for treatment purposes, there is no cost, but if the request is for personal or legal reasons, a uniform fee applies to all requests, whether or not they pertain to treatment done under Dr. Fata.

Char Kruse August 29, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Shame on Crittenton, could it be they are in on the scam also?????? I know of another doctor through them that has similar practices, not just Medicare but any insurance. there are probably quite a few!


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