Man Fakes Being Kidnapped to Get Ransom Money for Heroin, Police Say

The Rochester Hills man reportedly texted his wife to say he was being held against his will.

OUTSIDE DETROIT, MI -- A local man admitted to police this weekend that he faked his own kidnapping to get money for drugs. 

According to an report, the 33-year-old Rochester Hills man was reported missing Friday night; he then texted his wife to say that he was "being held against his will and the suspects were wanting a ransom." 

Sheriff's deputies went to a parking lot at a McDonald's on Woodward Avenue in Pontiac at 11 a.m. Saturday, where the ransom was said to be delivered, according to the report. In the parking lot, deputies discovered the Rochester Hills man and a 52-year-old Pontiac man who was supposed to have kidnapped him.

Deputies took both men into custody, where, during interviews "the victim and the suspect admitted to planning the false kidnapping to get money for their heroin habit."

The men were released pending further investigation and a warrant request for filing a false police report, the report stated.


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