January Trial Set for Driver Who Crashed Into Brooks Patterson

Anthony Prainito, 31, the driver of the Volkswagen Passat that Patterson's Chrysler 300 crashed into in Auburn Hills on Aug. 10, faces three misdemeanor charges.

The trial of a Royal Oak man charged with three misdemeanor counts in an August crash involving Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson was set for Jan. 11 after a hearing Thursday in 52-3 District Court.

Anthony Prainito, 31, the driver of the Volkswagen Passat that Patterson's Chrysler 300 crashed into at the intersection of Walton Boulevard and Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills, is charged with three counts of moving violation causing serious impairment of a bodily function in the crash. He pleaded not guilty in a Sept. 25 pre-trial hearing.

Prainito's Southfield-based attorney, Joshua Nucian, told Judge Lisa Asadoorian that he expects to call as many as 15-16 witnesses, including an eyewitness to the crash. Asadoorian granted a motion for discovery on evidence of all of the 911 calls made Aug. 10, the date of the crash, including one in which Nucian said that a witness saw Patterson's car run a red light at the intersection.

Nucian was also granted the chance to investigate background information on all of the people who called 911. Asadoorian denied Nucian's motion to hold an evidentiary hearing on the witnesses' statement; instead, it is expected to be offered as witness testimony.

Among other pieces of evidence the defense may use are the contents of a plastic bottle found in Patterson's car, which was recovered containing an unknown fluid after the crash. The defense will be allowed to inspect a sample of the fluid inside the bottle, which Patterson told Patch was mouthwash.

Asadoorian will investigate all medical records from those involved in the crash — including Patterson, his longtime driver James Cram, and Raymond Recchia, Prainito’s passenger — since the date of the crash. If relevant, Asadoorian will allow the defense to investigate.

Peter Everts October 26, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Brooks' driver was speeding.
Neal Charness October 26, 2012 at 02:17 PM
The scary possibility here is that we might have a case of "might makes right." If there's substantial culpability by both drivers the prosecution seems one sided. A trial where the finder of fact determines which party was in the wrong (or both) would be a good thing. If there's this much question how can there be a finding "beyond a reasonable doubt." Perhaps this should be a civil, not criminal, matter. I would be upset if this costs the County money.
Georgia October 26, 2012 at 05:24 PM
it was Friday night and they were headed to their party grounds in Rochester.
Haulin T Male October 30, 2012 at 11:53 PM
no one knows for sure he was speeding a speeding ticket can it be given on "hear say". a black box is what?, would you like to be ticketed on the say of some thing that has not been tested? same with radar tickets, scary drive? I found it not at all,that day, I guess it depends, I go to work before, 0530 there is no plowing or salting etc. A closed bottle of ??? if you are over 21 you are allowed to carry ??? as long as it is closed and not in the front seat..... although with my tribe, I have ???? left over from a ski week end, it is in my ski bag in the trunk...... if there was any smell of ???? it would of been noted. if you do any court watching, you will notice the Judge, generally will appease both sides..... I feel the closed bottle ???? was allowed, cause the Judge knows that if there are open wounds the testing is not accurate, I would think some one would have to see one of them drinking from it, "do you hate him that much? to lie. I find it very hard for 19 people to have witness the accident Remember "witnessing" is time before the impact, or at the time of impact, not hear a noise and look over.19 witnesses, 95% had to be along side or Behind, if it was red, most would be on cell phone talking or texting. turning the radio, etc. 19 - 911, really, so how many does it take ha ha, when some one turns off a light, does every body in the room go over and make sure it is the switch down.?
Haulin T Male October 30, 2012 at 11:55 PM
a good point, but he can defend his tickets............. The ruling on the field...... was down by contact......... he can only get the tickets tossed out.......... if so then go another route


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