Deer Crashes Through Window of Rochester Apartment

Police arrived on the scene and watched the animal "casually walk away" from the scene, uninjured.

A deer running toward downtown Rochester on Wednesday night jumped over a cemetery fence and hurdled a car on Wilcox Street before crashing through the window of an apartment, according to .

A man was inside the ground floor apartment at when the deer came crashing through the window around 8 p.m. Wednesday; when police arrived on the scene, they found the deer walking around the apartment and the man hiding in the bedroom.

Both the deer and the man were uninjured, according to a police report.

A witness told police he saw the deer leap over a fence at , then run eastbound across Wilcox Street, "hurdling his vehicle in the process," the report stated.

The witness then watched the deer crash through the apartment window, which is when he called police.

"The officers checked the area and did, in fact, find a ground floor apartment which had its window broken and the vertical blinds were askew," the report stated.

Officers called out into the apartment and "began to hear what they thought was crunching glass," the report stated.

The deer jumped out of the already broken window and "casually walked away," the report stated.

The man inside the apartment told police he ran into the bedroom and left his cell phone in the living room, so he was unable to call for help.


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