Should the Sale of Spice be Banned in Michigan?

A state representative is proposing that K2 — a synthetic form of marijuana known as Spice — be banned in the state.

The sale of K2——has drawn much attention throughout the state of Michigan in recent weeks.

Many parents have expressed concern about . Most notably,, 19, of Farmington Hills is believed to have been high on synthetic marijuana in April when he attacked his family,.

Two weeks ago, a after smoking Spice. In a separate incident, a man was arrested after allegedly stealing Spice from a Rochester Hills Shell station.

On Wednesday, Michigan state in the state of Michigan.

Darany’s proposal comes after many local communities have rallied to have Spice banned.

Facebook groups have been formed in , protests have been held in , and parents have teamed up in .

Other local officials are taking notice, too.

The . about the dangers of the drug. And in an editorial on Troy Patch.

What do you think? Should Spice be banned in Michigan?


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