Moms Talk: Where Have All the Summer Jobs Gone?

We planned to bring you a list of summer job opportunities around Rochester, but it seems those jobs are already filled.

Since school's about to be out for summer, we thought it made sense to put together a list of summer job opportunities for teen-agers around town.

We had no luck.

We contacted ice cream shops, fast-food restaurants, parks and recreation departments, grocery stores, landscaping companies — even places like the , and the .

None of these places had summer work. Most of the managers we talked to said they filled the positions last month; the City of Rochester said their seasonal applications need to be turned in by the first of the year because they hire for summer in March.

So, that leaves us with the question: Does your teen-ager have a summer job? If so, where? If not, what's your best advice for securing one for next summer?


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