Local Orthodontist Gives Back to Native Philippines

Orthodontist sending hygiene supplies and proceeds from retainer sales to relief efforts.

Dr. Bryan Reyes is pictured. Photo credit: Courtesy photo
Dr. Bryan Reyes is pictured. Photo credit: Courtesy photo

For Rochester Hills-based orthodontist Dr. Brian Reyes, the destruction and rebuilding efforts following a devastating November typhoon hit close to home.

Reyes, who works out of Tyler Dumas Reyes Specialists in Orthodontics, was born and raised in Michigan, but has been back "home" to the Philippines several times over the years to visit extended family.

Amidst the chaos following the typhoon, Reyes' family remains safe, but the effects of the typhoon are long-lasting.

“My parents and I have been in touch with the family, and all are safe but the grief and the horrors of this storm are heavy on their hearts," Reyes said. "This is far from over. It’s going to take a long time to reach out and start to rebuild/reconnect the country.”

To help Filipinos rebuild their lives, Reyes will donate 50 percent of all Lasting Impression retainer fees to the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan, as well as hygiene products through December. 

“I hope our patients can really help us get behind this initiative and try to make any impact we can to bring the slightest relief," Reyes said. "We are asking that if you need to replace your retainers, you might not want to wait."

Reyes realizes his effort is small compared with other, larger endeavors, but he feels every bit can help the people of the Philippines. 

“This feels like a drop in the bucket compared to the multi-million dollar campaigns of larger corporations but being mindful of our local responsibility to the schools and charities we support, we would like to stretch just a bit further and if we can bring a smile to even one hungry child in the Philippines,” he said. “Then I believe any effort is a worthy endeavor.”


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