When Will the Barrels Disappear From the Avon-Livernois Corner?

You've been asking; here's the answer.

By early next week, the orange and white barrels will be absent from the corner of Avon and Livernois roads — one of the busiest intersections in Rochester Hills.

Although the intersection opened to traffic with the completion of the Livernois Bridge on Nov. 5, turn lanes have been blocked by barrels since that time.

So, what's the holdup?

Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett said this week the intermittent lane closures in the past month have been for improvements to pedestrian and bike pathways at the intersection. Earlier this year, the city received a .

The grant was awarded by the Michigan Department of Transportation; Rochester Hills is one of four cities to receive MDOT grant funding this year.

The improvements will connect the nearby Clinton River Trail to the intersection; it will also feature expanded concrete gathering areas near the intersections, as well as lighting and a brick retaining wall with the city's logo on it.

(Read more about the changes in Rochester Hills Secures Grant to Build Pathways at Avon-Livernois.)

The re-opening of the Livernois Bridge over the Clinton River last month signaled the near-end of more than a year of construction work at the intersection. 

The Livernois bridge was found to be in an advanced state of deterioration in February 2011, soon after similar conditions were discovered on the Avon Road bridge at the same intersection. At the time, city officials called the rebuilding of the bridges an "emergency" situation.

Reconstruction of the Avon Bridge began this past February and ended in June. The rebuilding of the Livernois Bridge began in July. 

Dave Duncanson December 06, 2012 at 12:54 PM
The workers on this job need the visibility the barrels provide to remind the drivers that they are there and to be mindful of them. Fair enough. If I was a worker at that intersection I would want that too. Now, on to the complaints about the city logo being included in the design. I know that SOMEONE will want to complain about that (not me).
Frank D. December 07, 2012 at 03:25 AM
I believe we are all missing the point.. Indeed all what was written by Kristin is correct..My questions relates to work efficiency..Since the bridge opening, how many times I drove by this intersection and NO workers were present.. This is the issue.. a more coordinated and concerted effort was in order.. Alas, government is not the best in forward planning and efficient execution.. example.. They concluded to change all the traffic signal fixtures to alleviate the diagonal cable loading across the intersection and I have to say this is a much better solution by having the traffic signals at the other end of the intersection.. WHY was this not known at time they were doing all the major work.. Now traffic was held up and put in one lane for several days on end.. I can go on and on..The NW corner is all finished and these barrels should be gone... At least the Main street project (besides some details) was executed on time and barrels were gone..


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