University To Be Closed at Main Street For 2 Days in Downtown Rochester

Crews will be working to install a water main; here is the detour route.

The installation of a water main in downtown Rochester will close University Drive Tuesday and Wednesday where it intersects with Main Street.

Traffic on Main Street itself will remain open one lane in each direction.

The detour is as follows:

  • From the west, take Walnut Boulevard south to Fourth Street and then north on Water Street to University Drive near the
  • From the east, take Water Street south to Fourth Street and then north on Walnut Boulevard to University Drive.

The work is part of the Main Street Makeover, the ongoing rebuilding of Main Street through downtown. The project began last month and involves road reconstruction, water main replacement and streetscape improvements.

Main Street is expected to close completely between University Drive and Second Street beginning Tuesday, May 15. The sidewalks and downtown businesses will remain open. The total closure is expected to last about 12 weeks.

For more about the construction, visit our Main Street Makeover page on Patch.

Karen V May 07, 2012 at 03:09 PM
It is such a mess to try getting through that I have avoided it like the plague. As you have just told us it will get even worse on May 15th. God please let us have great weather so this project can be completed early and we can get back to normal. It makes it even worse since we can't use Avon Road either.
Jessica P. Opfer May 08, 2012 at 01:53 AM
We live just north of downtown and the construction is definitely having an impact...but only on our journeys south of Rochester. We chose to live here so that we could walk downtown, and fortunately that is still possible. We are glad that we can support the local businesses through this difficult period. Our young daughter was very concerned that the construction would prevent us from walking downtown, and we had to assure her that it wouldn't be a problem. The biggest loss for us is going to be the lack of outdoor dining this summer, since we really enjoy that aspect of Main Street. The congestion is definitely an inconvenience and we are not looking forward to the backups that the total closure is sure to cause, but we hope the new and improved Main Street will be worth it!
Anne Marie Redoutey May 08, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Let's be positive on this ~ this is for the future of our great downtown!
Peter Griffin May 10, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Seriously??? Be positive on this??? Why? They could have resurfaced the current Main Street at a fraction of the cost of doing a total rip-up. They would probably be done by now if they just stripped the road and resurfaced it. This whole project is a waste of people's time and $$$$$. Is this project being done so Mr. L. Brooks can have his "Brooksie Way" run thru a newly remodeled downtown Rochester?? I remeber a few years ago, the city of Rochester Hills paid to have Tienken resurfaced from Livernois to the Paint Creek Trail to accomodate Mr. L. Brooks. Nice to have that much pull -- nice to be able to shut down a city for 4 hours for a Marathon Run that could be done on OU's campus at no one's inconvience.


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