Onyx Suburban Skating Academy Skaters Qualify for Sectional Championships

Jessica Pierce and Michelle Chen are one step closer to Nationals.

Two skaters from the Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy in Rochester Hills qualified for the Midwestern Sectional Championships.  They will take place in Nov. 9-13 in Strongsville, OH. Sectionals are the qualifier for the U.S. National Championships. 

Jessica Pierce, age 13 and a student at Shelby Jr. High, won the Regional competition in the Juvenile level. Michelle Chen, age 13 and a student at Larson Middle School in Troy, won the bronze medal in the Novice level. Both have been skating since age six. 

"This is a huge accomplishment for the Rochester club, which sent the largest number of skaters to the regional championship in the country," said coach Lindsey Weber, "We also had over twenty other medalist from the Rochester area."

Daryl Patrishkoff October 23, 2012 at 12:33 PM
The Onyx is a great place and has programs for these budding future talented skaters. Congratulations to these future stars and their accomplishments. Last year I enrolled my granddaughter in Onyx’s “learn to skate” program and I taught her how to ice skate. The first few classes had me out on the ice with her, and then as she progressed she was in the class with only the instructors. Prior to the lessons we watched the ever popular Zamboni machine and my granddaughter was particularly taken back by the young kids in the figure skating lessons. Many of these kids were really talented. Before each lesson they gave a time for one of them to perform their routine with music for all of us. What great talent and an inspiration for the kids just starting out. Once my granddaughter saw the pretty outfits I lost my future hockey player. I will try next with my grandson as he becomes of age, I am still hoping for a hockey player!
Laura Cassar October 23, 2012 at 01:21 PM
These girls are at the rink at 6 a.m. five or six days a week. What commitment and what talent!


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