Lost Over Rochester Hills: One Multicolored Helicopter, a Gift from Abroad

Rochester Patch has tried to help pet owners find their lost cats and dogs. So why not a helicopter gone with the wind?

Paul Kowal of Rochester Hills lost his radio-controlled helicopter Tuesday morning, and he's asking for the public's help to get it back. 

Kowal describes the flying machine as a T-23 Thunderbird radio-controlled helicopter. It was about 18 inches long with multiple colors — "a lot of pink," he said.

He was flying the helicopter near the corner of Adams Road and Palm Aire Drive when he lost communication with it behind ; it was soaring northwest.

It was the chopper's maiden flight.

"My brother just returned from a monthlong trip to the Far East, and when they visited Hong Kong, he and his wife picked up this helicopter for me," Kowal said. "He trekked it in his luggage through Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia."

He gave it to Kowal on Monday night.

"It's a lot more important to me than just finding a radio-controlled helicopter carried off by a gust of wind," he said.

If you find the helicopter, call Kowal at 248-375-1087.

Jesse Williams April 27, 2011 at 02:07 AM
Sad! I hope someone finds (and returns) it.
Christopher April 27, 2011 at 01:40 PM
Paul, or his dad, should find out what the helicopter does when it loses the signal from the remote control. Some vehicles just stay on the same course they are on until they run out of gas or battery, others fly in a circle and I'm sure there are others that do other things, but having this information will help with the search grid.


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