Livernois Bridge Reopens in Rochester Hills

It's the first of three milestones in Rochester-area road construction expected to be celebrated this month.

Almost four months after it closed completely to traffic, Livernois Road in Rochester Hills reopened on Monday. 

The opening signaled the completion of the Livernois Bridge over the Clinton River, which was torn apart in July and rebuilt anew all summer long and into the fall. Z Contractors of Shelby Township did the work.

"It's a happy day in Oakland County," said Greg Jamian, vice chairman of the Road Commission for Oakland County.

Jamian and other city and county dignitaries gathered Monday morning on the bridge for a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned by the Road Commission.

Jamian told a crowd of about 75 that this is the first time since early 2011 that all five lanes of the bridge have been open. 

The Livernois bridge was found to be in an advanced state of deterioration in February 2011, soon after similar conditions were discovered on the Avon Road bridge at the same intersection. At the time, city officials called the rebuilding of the bridges an "emergency" situation.

Reconstruction of the Avon Bridge began this past February and ended in June. The rebuilding of the Livernois Bridge began in July. 

The Livernois Bridge was first built in 1972; it cost $3.2 million to replace. The state's Local Bridge Program contributed $2.5 million of the cost; the remainder was funded by the Road Commission and the city. 

Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett thanked the residents and business owners who have sacrificed driving time this summer while the bridges were being rebuilt. To celebrate, Barnett read aloud a poem he wrote about the bridge opening.

The Livernois Bridge opening is one of three milestones in Rochester Hills road work expected this month:

  • Crooks Road construction will be finished in about two weeks, said Craig Bryson, spokesman for the Road Commission.
  • Main Street in downtown Rochester will be finished on Nov. 23, according to a news flash sent by the city of Rochester on Monday.
Marie November 08, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Can someone explain why the city of Rochester may renovate a bridge to be beautiful,esthetic, and an asset to the community while Rochester Hills expends $3.2 for a bridge that resembles a rock quary? May I assume the esthetic finishes are being reserved for Spring or we doomed to observe barren land consumed by weeds and dirt? Are there any landscaping plans for the future to create a space of beauty to accent the moving water. What a tremendous opportunity to create a view of nature at it's finest.
Patricia November 09, 2012 at 12:46 PM
It's cheap and easy. This is the simplest way to help stop the banks eroding with higher than normal water levels such as after a downpour or a quick snow melt. It's ugly, not good for wildlife but inexpensive and easy to dump. So that's exactly what they did. They got the job done. What you see is what you got. Also, don't necessarily look to Rochester Hills, look to the State and County on this. Perhaps they will come up with a little planting near the banks- but it is a far cry from the beautiful naturally wooded and meandering waterway that I remember--a far cry. The purpose of this bridge is just to handle traffic, to just get the vehicles over the water-Rochester's bridge is sort of a gateway to the center of town. A welcoming-to slow you up even more-to make yo want to take a second look, take a walk, eat, shop-visit, but spend some time. Our bridge says, welcome and stay a while in a big way-the other just says, keep moving please to the next light.....


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