It's Sweetest Day, You Know: 20 Ideas for Date Night in Rochester

A downtown business owner put together these sweet things to do in and around Rochester.

Whether you use these ideas for Sweetest Day or for just your ordinary date night, here are 20 great things to do with your lover boy (or girl) around Rochester.

1. Take a hike on Paint Creek Trail. Bring a camera.

2. Get coffee or tea at or at Dessert Oasis, and just talk with one another

3. Take a drawing class together at

4. Take a wheel throwing class at . (Remember the movie, “Ghost”?)

5. Go to and share a milkshake

6. Stop at , fill up your picnic basket with some Michigan-made wine and go to the .

7. Root for the home team at or .

8. Have a romantic breakfast at .

9. Have a romantic lunch at

10. Get a couple’s massage at Michigan Holistic Center.

11. Bump into each other at Go Karts (bumper cars) at Tienken and Rochester. 

12. At the favorite local pub, like , flirt with each other all night long.

13. Take dancing lessons at .

14. Have a romantic dinner at .

15. Stop at , browse, read, and just be together.

16. Split a sundae at after dinner.

17. Enjoy a martini and some oysters at (in front of the ).

18. Go dancing at and enjoy the local bands.

19. Enjoy the movies at

20. Stop at Rochester’s OPC () and volunteer for Meals on Wheels together.

Christine Laikind is owner of Firebrick Gallery and Pottery Studio and a lover of all things Rochester.

Laura Cassar October 15, 2011 at 01:08 PM
Great ideas, Christine! It's obvious you know and love downtown!
Jenna Barba October 15, 2011 at 04:43 PM
My sweetheart is out of town....These are ALL really great ideas for the future though..Thanks!


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