Have You Seen the Missing Sheep?

Rochester Police offer reward for information on the whereabouts of part of downtown's Ewe Revue 2.

A fiberglass sheep — one of two dozen on display around downtown Rochester as part of the — has disappeared.

The sheep, decorated to look like a hockey player, complete with hockey skates, was called "Steve Hanson from Sheep Shot." Fitting with the Hollywood theme, this particular sheep was designed in the spirit of the movie Slap Shot.

It disappeared on Friday night. 

"There is a reward available to anyone who provides the police department with information that allows us to recover Sheep Shot and prosecute the responsible person," said Rochester Police Chief Steve Schettenhelm. 

The sheep are part of a public art project unveiled last weekend. The Ewe Revue 2, as it is called, is meant to bring people downtown in the midst of the Main Street Makeover, which is replacing Main Street.

Visitors to the  on Saturday may also have noticed a missing ewe: the sheep "Seweperheroes," which is covered with comic book pages, has been removed for repairs. 


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