Get Out: Mardi Gras and Letterboxing Among Rochester's Weekend Options

It’s Thursday and you’ve got no idea what you're doing this weekend. Don't worry, Patch is coming to the rescue.

1. For Everyone: A New Spot for a Late Sunday Lunch

Where/when: , Extended hours Sundays from 6 a.m.-3p.m.
Why go
: This little cafe tucked inside the Busch's plaza on the corner of Walton and Adams is a destination for Sunday breakfast, but starting this Sunday they'll extend their hours a little later into the lunch hour, too.

 2.  For A Girls' Day Out:

Where/when:  , Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Why go:
The $6 sale at the OPC will have loads of girlie items, such as wallets, scarves and jewelry.
All items are $6, but browsing is free!

 3For Date Night: Mardi Gras at Penny Black

Where/when: , Saturday night.
Why go
:  Bacardi is sponsoring a “Bacardi Gras” Masquerade Ball at the downtown restaurant. There will be drink specials on Hurricanes and free beads and masks. If you are still in the mood to celebrate, they will also be celebrating Fat Tuesday on March 8 with Cajun food specials, Hurricanes and free beads and masks. 
Varies, but no cover charge.

 4. For Families: Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Where/when:  , Sunday, March 6-Saturday, March 12.
Why go:
The Michigan PTSA has a great program, Reflections, that allows school-aged kids to get creative with art in all different mediums.  You can browse through the Reflections Art Exhibit and student performances at Barnes & Noble during this week.  If you go to the Michigan PTSA website at www.michiganptsa.org, they have a flyer you can print out and bring with you so that your purchase can benefit this awesome program.

5. For Free: Letterboxing

Where/when: Public parks and outdoor locations, anytime.
Why go:
What is letterboxing?  It combines the outdoors, puzzle-solving and navigation. This cool hobby will take you on an outdoor journey to find a weatherproof letterbox that holds a stamp inside. Once you find the box, you stamp their logbook and your personal log as proof that you have found their treasure.  A fun activity for the whole family, the kids get into learning direction and orientation. Here are two good websites to get you started: www.letterboxing.org and www.atlasquest.com.

Carol Kalvelage March 03, 2011 at 01:33 PM
Went to Half Day Cafe yesterday for the first time. Love this place- my new favorite. Where have I been ? This place is a must visit. The sandwich was excellent, the coffee was divine and the owner was very kind and informative. More on my visit later! Thanks Sarah


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