Update: Brown-Out Affecting About 500 Customers in Rochester

DTE Energy had no estimate as to when power would be fully restored.

About 500 DTE Energy customers in the area southeast of Rochester and Runyon roads remained without power or in a brown-out state on Tuesday morning, according to a DTE spokesman.

John Austerberry of DTE said there was no estimate as to when the power there would be fully restored. He advised residents to turn off any motor-driven devices (including air conditioners) and also to unplug power devices. Austerberry said the cause is unknown.

About 1,600 customers in Rochester and Rochester Hills lost power on Monday afternoon, mostly in the area between Adams and Livernois north of Walton; those customers' power had been mostly restored by Tuesday, according to DTE.

kelly anne May 31, 2011 at 12:45 AM
Our power is out as well. (We're in the orange area south of Tienken, which is zip code 48309. Approx 671 customers). So in reality, when you add it up per DTE, it's actually more like 2,555 people without power.... There are 1884 customers affected in the Rochester ZIP Code 48306, and There are 671 customers affected in the Rochester ZIP Code 48309. http://www.dteenergy.com/map/outage.html
Anne Mleczek May 31, 2011 at 01:33 AM
We are in the orange "outage area" (north of Tienken) but our power was only out for about 30 min around 4 pm. It's back now, but DTE does not seem to know that. Others in our sub are still out.
Kristin Bull (Editor) May 31, 2011 at 01:58 AM
As of 9:45 p.m., there were about 1,700 households still without power in the 48309 and 48306 ZIP codes combined. We have been hearing reports of some customers' power coming back on, but others in the same neighborhood are still out. The power outage area encompasses at least one elementary school (Brewster), though there are no school closings to announce at this time.
Mandy S May 31, 2011 at 03:01 PM
We have a brown out at our house on the south east corner of Rochester Rd. and Tienken. Be sure to unplug or turn your circuit breakers off. Brown outs can ruin motors in things like ac/ fridges, computers, etc.


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