McMillin, VanRaaphorst: 2 Different Approaches

We are in the “political silly season” with all kinds of untruths being said to distort the candidates' positions. These distracters are looking for sheep to follow them by distorting the facts.

Locally we are in the heart of the “political silly season” with all kinds of untruths being said to distort the positions of each of the candidates.  Sound bites are used to only cover a small piece of the issue that are targeted tested snippets designed to inflame and cause confusion.

The strategy of Distract, Divert, Distort, Discredit and Demonize by attacking on fake issues is in full swing.  This strategy adds no value, it solves no problems, and it causes more chaos.  The smart person sees this approach for what it is, calls it a distraction and focuses back on the real issue.

In this particular race we have seen many personal attacks on McMillin which distract from the real issues at hand.  They are taking his personal Christian beliefs and making up issues around them, to distract from the important issues that we face.  The most important issue in Michigan that needs to be solved is the economy, as the famous saying goes “it’s the economy stupid.”  A focus on creating an environment that will attract business to Michigan and let the economy grow will bring back prosperity to all who are willing to work for a living.

Here are the 2 plans these candidates have presented to the public for you to review and assess:

Representative Tom McMillin www.taxpayersfortom.com/agenda.html

go to “Agenda” and review each of the issues listed

Issue                     Detailed Subjects and Plan

Jobs                      eliminated MBT, reformed unemployment, corporate handouts, reduce regulations

Freedom              indefinite detention, free speech, defense reform, warrantless tracking, SWAT team

Transparency      salary & benefits, government contracts, Detroit water, pensions, metrics

Other Issues        spending, accountability, healthcare, marriage, life, part time legislature,

                           local control of education, available to constituents

There are no comments or references to his opponent.  The plan is a series of accomplishments and bills introduced to be implemented to address specific issues individually.

In a recent Rochester Hills paper article McMillin outlined his top goals:

  1. Continue to make Michigan a better place to do business
  2. Focus on job creation
  3. Reduce other business taxes
  4. Reduce personal income tax rates for everyone
  5. Utilize his CPA to push for transparency in government spending
  6. Ensure government spending is adding value
  7. Good accountability metrics to ensure a return on the tax payers money

Candidate Joanna VanRaaphorst www.joannaforrochester.com 

go to “Platform” and review each of the issues listed

Issue                     Detailed Subjects and Plan

Business & Jobs    local & state economy, streamline government, business friendly, work together

Public Schools       public schools, funding, investing in education

Less Government  local control, right to self govern, safety, infrastructure

There are no comments or references to her opponent.  The plan is a series of statements with no details or action plans; it is a series of initiatives.

In a recent Rochester Hills paper article VanRaaphorst outlined her top goals:

  1. Protect our local public schools
  2. Demand charter and cyber schools operate with the same rules
  3. Job creation and infrastructure
  4. Brand Michigan as a progressive innovative state with well educated employees
  5. Simplify the tax code for small business
  6. Repeal the tax on seniors
  7. Address prison funding
  8. Too many incarcerated non-violent citizens

The Challenge:

Spend time doing your homework, ½ on McMillin’s plan and another ½ on VanRaaphorst’s plan; study both of them with an open mind.  This is not a Republican or Democratic vote; this is a vote on a candidate for our Representative that will set the course of our State at a real pivotal point in our history.  I believe it is worth the time, I challenge you to do the research.  Ignore the noise, become an informed voter and make your decision based on your personal beliefs and make sure you trust the candidate’s promised results based on their past record and credentials.

Remember the spin doctors on both sides in this heated debate are counting on the voter to listen to their spin and not the facts.  Do not be a sheep and fall into the trap, research the statements for truth and ensure you understand the total picture, not just the sound bites.

In your vote for Representative you are choosing one of these 2 plans.  Which one fits your personal belief and value system?

I am choosing the one that has been moving Michigan in the right direction and focused on the real issue at hand, the economy.  Obviously schools are important, but choice in schools is freedom.  This allows parents to choose the right path for their child; after all it is their money being spent!

What is your choice and why?

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Joshua Raymond November 04, 2012 at 01:33 PM
If education were shoes, many would need standard shoes. Some would need orthotic shoes to help with a deficiency and correct their walking. Some would need extra large shoes that require more material so they aren't cramped and develop problems. If the school gave everyone the same shoes, that would be considered fair by some, but not by the kids who struggled walking in these shoes or whose feet were cramped. The better solution is to provide each student with the shoes he or she needs, even if orthotics or extra material costs more. The solutions I listed in a previous post help teachers too. Is it easier to prepare a lesson for students all at similar ability levels or many lessons for students at different levels? Use ability grouping and cluster grouping to reduce the number of levels a teacher is preparing for. Are Teachers struggling to provide education for gifted learners? Put them in one classroom with a teacher who has training on working with gifted students. I think we can come up with solutions that are wins for everyone. We just need to be open to them.
Dorothy November 04, 2012 at 03:21 PM
McMillin and conservatives are already whining about the high cost of education. Now you complain it's one size fits all. If you want a tailored suit, you'll have to pay for it with higher taxes; but of course, you object to that too. Most teachers do the best they can with the resources their bosses give them. You have a boat load of managers in the Districts, and nobody complains about them or their salaries. It's the teachers who take all the heat because the GOP wants to privatize education - just like everything else they can get their hands on. Public education has been the great equalizer in this country, which is exactly why it needs to be supported and preserved. It created the middle class and that's what sticks in conservatives' craw. The same radical right wing Republicans in Florida did what McMillin is doing and now, they're shocked!S " FL failed charter school did without computers, library, or cafeteria. Principal got $824,000."
Mike Reno November 04, 2012 at 04:18 PM
You can't pay for a tailored suit at a general clothing factory. Or if you did, it would most likely look like the general suit... just more expensive. And you want the money, but demand it with no accountability. If you spend it... they will perform? So far we have decades of data that shows that is not the case. And as far as your unidentified FL charter... Don't you wonder about the idiot parents who signed-up at a school wi no computer and no cafeteria? Or another twist... Maybe they did know there were no computers, but were so desperate to get out of the failed public school that they were willing to risk it? Any insight to offer on the parent motivation to enroll or stay at that charter? Oh... and you also neglected to show any of the results... You only quoted the salary.
Mike Reno November 04, 2012 at 04:32 PM
I'll give you credit, Dorothy, you can sure pack a boat load of misinformation and distortions into each posting. The Republicans are upset that there is a middle class? Are you stuck back in the renaissance period? And the meme over privatization... Go read the book "Freedoms's Forge". It was private enterprise that saved America, even the world, in WWII and even FDR knew to ignore the advice of extreme liberals who wanted government control of manufacturing. By unleashing the power of American ingenuity IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, America was able to reduce costs and out produce the rest of the world COMBINED. And they did it, by the way, in spite of the continuous hurdles and obstruction of the labor unions, who actually impeded wartime production as they struck over critical items like Jo would be able to use the telephone during work hours.
Joshua Raymond November 04, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Chris, they haven't said no to the summer enrichment idea. I proposed it at the last school board meeting when they covered the current summer enrichment. However, their general policy at BOE meetings is to not respond to citizen statements, so I don't know what their reaction to summer enrichment for single subject or grade acceleration is. The more community support for an idea, the more the board or administration is likely to look at implementing it. If parents aren't vocal, the board and administration often don't know anything needs to be changed or that parents would like a new program.


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