Top 10 Gift Ideas: Simply the Best $10 Boutique

We're still shopping around downtown Rochester; here's what we found this week.

Holiday shopping doesn't have to break your budget. Downtown's has a ton of cute stuff and it's all priced to make even the biggest scrooge smile.

Store manager Tracey Ladd walked me through their list.

Simply the Best Boutique's Top 10

  1. Scarves: With several hundred scarves in every color and print, chances are good that Simply the Best will have a scarf for anyone and everyone on your list. A holiday scarf for your mother-in-law, a "cashmere touch" for your sister or a Michigan State scarf for your favorite Spartan — they're all only $10 apiece.
  2. Jewelry travel bag: These pretty little bags make a perfect gift if you are shopping for a bride-to-be or anyone with a trip in their future. They come in a variety of colors, clutch or bag style. Each is $10.
  3. Legwarmers and fingerless gloves: Great for teens and tweens on your list, Ladd has seen the warmers over boots, too. The Nordic print is their most popular this year.
  4. Nepal bag: A huge seller for high school and college students, the brightly colored Nepal bag is $30. And check out the strap— it has a special pocket for a cell phone.
  5. Jewelry: It's fun, it's funky, it's silver and chunky and it's only $10. What's not to love about this gift option?
  6. Plush animal hats: Elephants, monkeys and frogs are just a few of the hats available at Simply the Best. Make the little ones (or not so little) on your list happy with these adorable hats. They're $10 each.
  7. Touch gloves: Anyone on your list who cannot put their smart phone down? Here's a great gift for them: gloves that you can keep on and use with any touch device. A pair is $10.
  8. Mini cross-over handbag: What's more unbelievable than a genuine leather mini bag for $10? How about two for $15! There are 15 colors to choose from, including Ladd's favorite in turquoise.
  9. Watches: It's a rainbow of watches! Every color, every style for women and men for $10.
  10. Fargo hat: Whether someone on your list loves to snowboard, or just gets stuck shoveling the driveway, this Fargo hat will keep them warm in whatever winter adventure they have. "They're very 'in' this year and the best part is ours is $10, not $30," Ladd said.

What Christmas means

Ladd shared these personal holiday favorites:

  • Favorite holiday song: "Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella — I just love that song, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, " Ladd said. "I was a stage manager for a Madrigal Dinner for four years and I love that style of music, like The Wassail Song and Boar's Head Carol." 
  • Favorite thing about the holiday: "Besides being with family I love holiday baking and decorating. I think it makes it magical and really gets you into the spirit," Ladd said.
  • Best gift ever given: "This year our family adopted a family in need and that has been the most wonderful experience," said Ladd. "That trumps everything."

Around Town Laura is delivering holiday gift ideas to you in an ongoing series. Read here about 's Top 10, read here about  and about. Which store should she check out next? Post a suggestion in the comments or let Laura know by email.


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