Today's the Day: Have You Bought Your Valentine Flowers Yet?

Fresh flowers from Holland's Florist make the perfect gift.

There is nothing quite as hopeful as the scent of fresh flowers on a snowy February day. Maybe spring is still weeks (and weeks) away, but the flowers remind us that eventually the snow will come to an end and green will reign again in Michigan. 

Perhaps this is why flowers are such a popular Valentine's Day gift. 

Or maybe women just like beautiful things.

Either way, if you have somehow arrived on Valentine's Day (that's today) empty handed, on Main Street is here to help. They have extended their hours for the holiday and will stay open until 7 tonight.

There are three reasons Holland's is my first choice for flowers: the quality of their flowers, the vast variety of their selection and the helpful knowledge of their staff.

From traditional red roses to unique tropical flowers, Holland's has the floral selection and talented people to make a personal, customized bouquet for your loved one. 

When I was in the shop, one man was ordering an outrageous amount of daisies with a sprinkling of coral roses for his Valentine. Another man said his wife loved carnations best and was taking advantage of Holland's colorful selection of the flowers to order a beautiful bouquet of her favorites. With tulips, gerbera daisies, irises, lilies and unique greens and fillers, there's not much that Holland's can't create for you.

Or, you can go with roses. If you do go this traditional route, don't feel like you have to stick with red. Holland's offers a rainbow of roses, and each color has its own message:

  • Red means love, passion, respect and courage
  • White means innocence, purity or secrecy
  • Yellow means joy or friendship
  • Coral is for desire
  • Light pink means grace or gladness
  • Dark pink is for thankfulness
  • Lavender signifies enchantment or love at first sight

So if you just started dating a woman who caught your eye with her moves on the dance floor, think light pink. If your family has just been expanded by one and you're bursting with happiness, yellow will express your joy. And if you've been married for 30 years but she still makes your blood sing, coral roses will let her know that she is your heart's desire.

I bet you didn't know roses could be so much fun, did you?

Holland's offers a box of long-stem roses with greens for $50. You can add a vase and special fillers with the roses and greens for $70. 

Could you still get your flowers delivered? Well, it's worth a try. Call 248-651-4510 to see. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

Barb L February 18, 2011 at 11:03 PM
I enjoyed the article, and your interpretations of when to use which color roses! The photos are SO beautiful! Very vibrant flowers, and no allergy itchies! ;)
Laura Cassar February 20, 2011 at 08:02 PM
Thanks, Barb! I had fun taking the pictures and pretending it was summer again!


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