Rochester Hills Shop Paints a Window with Your Biggest Resolutions

Tell Moosejaw what you've resolved to do in 2013; yours could be painted for all the Village to see.

What's your new year's resolution?

Is it to eat kale every day? Invent a thing that people want to buy? Ride in a real kangaroo pouch?

Those were some of the most grandiose resolutions employees at the Rochester Hills Moosejaw could come up with, and now they want to hear about yours.

In honor of the resolutions we all make in January and break by February, Moosejaw is inviting the town to stop by their shop and submit their own big resolution. Every day through the end of the month they'll paint a new one on the window of a nearby empty storefront at the Village of Rochester Hills.

"We are looking for resolutions that are realistic but maybe snarky, too," said Eli Greening, retail marketing specialist at the Rochester Hills shop. 

The campaign kicked off Thursday with "Actually care when people talk about their kids," which the store's creative director, Zakk Barozzini, painted as curious onlookers passed by.

"We all know new year's resolutions are so dumb and never work," reads a sign in the display window. "Since we know we'll fail, we've decided to fail big. So we're asking you to come up with the most grandiose resolutions that you can."

What's your new year's resolution?


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