Call The Girlfriends: Newest Village Store Has Something for All Hot Mamas

If the streets of Rochester Hills seem strangely light on the minivans this week, it's probably because they're all parked at The Village, where Hot Mama opened Wednesday.


There was such a crowd at on Wednesday (the day it opened its first Michigan store at ) it was hard for me to believe there was anyone left to tell about it. 

The place was packed with mamas, strollers and kids. In fact, if you closed your eyes it kind of had the buzz of a very successful play date, complete with animal crackers.

The right toys — Play Station 3 and Legos — were there to keep the junior shoppers happy and entertained. And the right clothes — trendy, fun but right for all moms — were there to make a shopping mama feel like she died and went to fashion heaven.

Oh, yes, and it's all at 10 percent off for opening week!

'All I wanted are cute clothes that fit right and here they are!'

Let's face it, ladies, somewhere between ages 20 and 40, in a place best pinpointed by a pregnancy or two, the body shifts. Even if your weight stays the same, your body does not. Sometimes it's hard to find clothes that fit this new body they way they should— or the way you remember they should.

Fear not. Help has arrived.

"At Hot Mama we're fit experts," store manager Anne Weber told me. 

That expertise even carries over to that daunting demon known as denim.

"We make moms feel wonderful in their jeans."

Part of the challenge is met with premium denim like Joes Jeans and Paige Premium Demin. The other part is met with an authentic feedback from your Hot Mama associate.

"We want you to feel like you're shopping with a girlfriend," Weber said. "It's like a shopping party."

She had a point — with Mariah and Fergie playing in the background, sales associates singing along and lots of squeals of delight coming from the dressing room, there definitely was a party vibe going on.

'It's like Nordstrom in our own backyard!'

Weber walked me through some of the most popular sellers, for today at least.

Hot Mama deliberately orders in small quantities to be selective in their stock.

And so you don't show up at the PTA meeting in the same sweater set as three other moms.

They get new shipments every day.

But, for today at least, Weber raved about:

  • Trace Back Skirt from XCVI brand: With a stretch waistband, this skirt comes in 10 different colors and looks great on anyone, Weber said. "You can dress it up or down."
  • Pocket tube dress from Susana Moroco: Strapless and in five fun colors with adorable pockets at the hips. Weber said, "I haven't seen anyone yet that hasn't looked heavenly in this dress."
  • Baby Falcon dress by Prairie Underground: This comfy organic cotton dress with a cowl neck works well with the Mom Lifestyle, according to Weber. 

Hot Mama also sells shoes, accessories and, don't forget, scarves. "We believe in scarves!" Weber said.

The store prides itself in being one location where entire outfits can be put together.

"We've got everything you need," Weber said.

Writer's Note: Today's subheads were actual statements overheard in the Hot Mama dressing room. There was also this favorite, "Whoa! These dressing rooms are nice! Who was the brain surgeon who designed them?" And, yes, the dressing rooms are nice — and big!

Hot Mama is located at 248 North Adams Road in The Village of Rochester Hills. They can be reached at 248-375-9400.

Erin May 18, 2012 at 12:31 PM
Was anxiously awaiting its opening. Can't wait to check it out!
stefanie May 18, 2012 at 12:49 PM
What are prices like? When you say "it's like having a Nordstrom in our own backyard" I worry prices will be to high for some of us budget moms.
stefanie May 18, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Laura- Thanks. I think the site though is http://www.shopmama.com/ (though I am not 100% certain). The site you posted brings you to a Porn site.
Michele May 18, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I love the top you tried on, Laura. While I love the fashions, I wouldn't exactly say they are affordable. Not exactly a go-to store for most moms.
Kristin Bull May 18, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Laura says the black pants pictured are $98 and the yellow and grey top is $68. There are several shirts there for around $38 ...


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