Hibbeln & Kowal Dental Wants to Make You Smile

Rochester business offers general dentistry for the whole family!

Hibbeln & Kowal Dental opened in Rochester in 1996.
Hibbeln & Kowal Dental opened in Rochester in 1996.

Hibbeln & Kowal Dental has been offering dental services since 1996.

Owner Debra Hibbeln recently submitted information about the business through the Small Business Spotlight.

Here are her answers.

What does your business offer? 

General dentistry for the whole family! One appointment porcelain crowns, braces, cosmetics.

What's your most popular product or service? 

Families really like that the whole family can come here for all their dental needs.

When was the business founded?

August 1996

How did your business come to be? 

Dr. Kowal and myself met on the first day of dental school and ended up being lab partners in our Gross Anatomy dissection lab. We attended a residency at Ohio State University together (but did NOT become Buckeye fans!). When it was time to open our practice, it was just natural to do it together.

Why did you choose the area you did?

Dr. Hibbeln & her husband (a GM engineer) had settled in Rochester while she was in dental school. When she graduated they figured they would move somewhere else, but wanted a community "Just Like Rochester".....in the end, we realized there was no reason to leave Rochester! We convinced Dr. Kowal and his wife to move to Rochester and they loved it as much as we did. When it was time to open a practice, we opened one within walking distance of our homes in downtown Rochester.

Contact information:

Web: http://www.handkdental.com/

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