Five Locals Called Out as 'Best of Detroit'

But in most categories voted on by readers of Real Detroit, Rochester establishments were snubbed.

Three local restaurants, a dance company and an art gallery were named among the "Best of Detroit 2013" by readers of Real Detroit Weekly this week.

O'Connor's Public House (Best Irish Food), Clubhouse BFD (Best New Bar) and CK Diggs (Best Beer Selection) were tops in their categories.

So were Eisenhower Dance Ensemble (Best Dance Company) and Oakland University's Art Gallery (Most Underappreciated Art Gallery).

The "Best Of Detroit" is Real Detroit Weekly's annual listing of the Detroit area's best bars, restaurants and entertainment. The list is released each February.

"Best Of issue is a go-to guide, a collection, a historical reference for the things we’ve collectively excelled at and the advancements we’ve made as a community rich in food, ambiance, music, art and design," Real Detroit editors wrote.

Rochester and Rochester Hills were absent in nightlife, shopping, adult and "pampering" categories. 

Several chains with locations in Rochester or Rochester Hills made the list. Here's a look at the best of Detroit that can be found in Rochester:

Best Pub: Hamlin Pub

"And, yes, while they have several locations in metro Detroit, you'll never go into one feeling like you're hitting up a lame neighborhood Applebee's." 

Best Bar to Have Opened in Past Year: Clubhouse Bfd

"Clubhouse is setting a whole new standard for area beer bars." 

Best Beer Selection: CK Diggs 

"They have such a selection of local, national and foreign brews, your head will spin, your eyes will swell and you'll probably end up drunk there."

Best Bang for your Buck: Big Boy

"The Big Boy burger is legendary 'round these parts and its price is one of the reasons."

Best Delivery: Jimmy John's

"They'll be at your front door ready for you to eat before you even finish updating your Facebook status to say that you're about to eat some Jimmy John's."

Best Fast Food: McDonald's

"There's something about those two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and onions on that sesame seed bun that just sings to us."

Best Broasted Chicken: Chicken Shack

"For the tasitest broasted chicken, Chicken Shack is where it's at!"

Best Irish Food: O'Connor's Public House

"O'Connor's in Rochester is the best full-blown authentic Irish experience this side of the pond."

Best Mexican: Rojo

"Rojo takes metro Detroit's Mexican cuisine to a whole new level."

Best Pizza Delivery: Jet's

"Jet's has made the "all corners" pizza famous."

Best Bookstore: Barnes & Noble

"Though we may miss our dear Michigan-based Borders, the now defunct chain of stores never stood a chance again our beloved Barnes & Noble."

Best Eyeware Selection: See

"Their tagline, "hip without the rip," isn't just a fun-sounding rhyme."

Best Healthy Food Store: Whole Foods

"Sellers of locally-grown produce as well as many organic goods, Whole Foods also keeps its customers on the up-and-up when it comes to what is and isn't acceptable to put into our bodies."

Best Sporting Goods Store: Dunham's

"Having opened their flagship store in Waterford way, way back in 1937, Dunham's is the Midwest's largest sporting good store and thanks to your votes, they're also known as the best in Detroit."

Best Dance Company: Eisenhower Dance Ensemble

"This eclectic troupe has been all over the place!" 

Best Underappreciated Gallery: Oakland University Art Gallery

"Thanks chiefly to Dick Goody and Susan Evans, the Oakland University Art Gallery has gained an enviable reputation for exhibits of national standing that have been reviewed in both national and international publications."

Best Gym Chain: Life Time Fitness

"You can literally do anything – running, cycling, tennis, basketball, mixed combat arts, swimming and even rock-climbing at select locations. If you want a serious workout, this is the place to go."

Best Place to Buy Chocolate/Candies: Sanders

"Not only do they provide many a Michigander with sweets that can be bought in grocery stores across the nation, they also have 11 ice cream and chocolate shop locations in which sweets-loving patrons can enjoy a chocolate cream puff as well as a hot fudge sundae."

Best Bank: Chase

"Whether you're applying for a car loan or managing your account online, Chase offers so many products and services that it's no wonder why our readers love Chase."

What's your favorite? Share it in the comments. Check out Patch readers' favorites around Rochester in our Readers Choice section.


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