You Can Hose Down This Beach Bag

... and nine more summer delights from Simply the Best $10 Boutique in downtown Rochester.


A summer BBQ? A day at the beach? A night out on the town? 

No matter what plans your Memorial Day weekend holds, has what you need to add a splash of color and coolness to your event.

Here's what store manager Tracey Ladd listed as her Top 10 Summer Must-Haves:

  1. Dresses: Simply the Best $10 Boutique has added more clothing options to the store including easy, breezy summer dresses. Right now there are three styles; hankerchief, halter and cap-sleeved shirt dress. All are available in bright summer florals for $10. "Once we sell out of one style, new dresses come in," Ladd said. "That keeps our inventory fresh."
  2. Sun hats: The boutique has a large selection of Magid brand hats. They usually retail for $30 to $50 but sell for $10 or $15 at Simply the Best. My favorite was a bright yellow straw hat. Ladd approved: "The floppy brim covers and protects your shoulders, too."
  3. Flip Flops: If you stepped on a pop-top and blew out your flip-flop, no worries. Simply the Best has a ton of summer's favorite foot apparel in every color for $10. "They're soft and flexible, immediately comfortable," Ladd said. They also have cute edging for a little added pop. The boutique carries sandals in all styles, too.
  4. Beach bags and totes: It's every mom's dream— a beach bag you can hose off. The easy-clean bag comes in two colors: hot pink and taupe. If the sunscreen spilled or the fruit snacks melted, clean-up is a cinch. Shouldn't everything in summertime be that easy? The boutique also carries a lot of straw bags in a variety of sizes and colors.
  5. Sunglasses: Ladd told me sunglasses are one of Simply the Best's bestsellers no matter what the season, and the inventory is constantly rotating. At $10 a pair or two-for-$15 it's okay if you lose a pair in the waves.
  6. Bracelets: "My opinion is that if you have a summer dress on, you need a bracelet," Ladd said. "A casual summer look might allow you to skip the necklace, especially during the day. But a bracelet is mandatory to up the look." Fortunately Simply the Best has a selection of bracelets in a rainbow of colors, neutrals and metallics. I may have gone home with one myself!
  7. Hand-painted wine glasses: Mojitos, margaritas, sangria. Whatever the beverage, these festive glasses will serve it with flair. They are $15 each or buy-three-get-one-free.
  8. Cute and flirty shirts: Ten different styles each for $10. Is there really anything more to say? All right, one more word: ruffles!
  9. Necklaces: While the bracelet might carry you through a casual summer day, for night time Ladd demands a necklace. "A great necklace will make your whole outfit pop," Ladd said. The boutique carries neutral necklaces that you can wear with anything, crazy, colorful pieces that scream "Summertime!" and everything in-between.
  10. Scarves: A scarf in summer? Sure! When the night cools down or the air conditioning is blasting, the scarf can be your most-welcome accessory. "I just got back from Europe where everyone always had a scarf," Ladd said. 

Not just for Rochester anymore

If you've heard rumors about Simply the Best $10 Boutique, here's the lowdown: They are opening a second location in downtown Plymouth in the next two weeks.

The new store will be named Simply the Best: Luxury for Less. "Our owner had to turn down a lot of great stuff because of our $10 price point. The new store will have higher end merchandise at great prices," Ladd said. 

But, fear not, Rochester: our location is here to stay.


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