State Representative Tom McMillin's Non-Town Hall Town Hall Meeting

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Republican State Representative Tom McMillin sent out a robocall inviting constituents to a town hall meeting at a local McDonalds in Rochester Hills.

Only two people showed up, myself and a woman by the name of Iris.  Iris’ concern was global climate change and how Rep. McMillin felt about the fact that most scientists say the this is a phenomenon caused by humans.  McMillin completely denied that global climate change is caused by humans and what we are experiencing now is just a normal cooling and heating cycle of the Earth.

McMillin also denied the fact that converting to clean, renewable energy would create jobs.

After Iris left, it was my turn to ask McMillin questions.  However, McMillin said he would not answer my questions and completely ignored me as I asked him questions.  McMillin is used to only having adoring fans coming to his town hall meetings and has now turned to the tactic of refusing to answer questions from someone that may disagree with him. 

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Special Education Mom August 29, 2012 at 02:11 AM
McMillin voted against all 3 Autism Bills. March 29, 2012 SB 981 Provides Reimbursement for Health Insurance Coverage of Autism Bill Passed - House (84 - 26) - McMillin's Vote - NAY March 29, 2012 SB 415 Requires Insurers to Cover Autism Treatments Bill Passed - House (91 - 19) McMillin's Vote - NAY March 29, 2012 SB 414 Health Care Coverage for Treatments Relating to Autism Bill Passed - House (91 - 19) McMillin's Vote - NAY
Dorothy August 29, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Rochester deserves better - Elect JoAnna VanRaaphorst for State Rep http://www.joannaforrochester.com/ McMilin had a chance to cut his retirement benefits to save the state money. Instead, he cut the benefits starting with the next legislator right behind him. He talks a good game about being a fiscal conservative, but he's really just a radical and hypocritical extremist. He picks on teachers, and he excludes himself from the austerity he supports - for everybody else. We need someone like JoAnna. She is from Rochester and for Rochester. Donate your time and money now.
Bill August 29, 2012 at 10:18 PM
The guy is owned by Charter School companies and hate groups. I'm sick and tired of seeing this guy on the news. He makes us look like a bunch of nuts for electing him.
Mitch September 16, 2012 at 01:05 AM
These questions relate to policy issues beyond what a local state representative has significant influence. At a local level - state spending, budgetary, education, public safety, and HHS issues are primarily addressed. When it comes to issues like national energy policy, those questions and debates are better suited for a national candidate. It is quite evident that this reporter's motive at delving into national energy policy is simply to divert attention and focus from issues that really matter, like frivolous spending and wasted tax dollars.
Dorothy September 16, 2012 at 09:56 AM
Mitch. Permit for another coal plant on Lake Huron in Rogers City was denied by Granholm. Smyder and the GOP took over and reversed it. New coal plant has now been approved. If you are so concerned about wasteful spending, tell McMillin. He just spent how much time passing an unfunded mandate for schools to display flags in every classroom and to say the pledge. Bet this doesn't apply to his charter pals and contributors. He also passed legislation to cut legislator pensions - starting with the guy right behind him. McMillin is an extremist and embarrassment to this community. He needs to go.


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