Photo of the Day: It's a Peacock! It's a Skateboard! It's a ...

This feathered creation is one of more than 50 skateboard decks on display around downtown Rochester.

Ewe Revue, meet Deck Art.

While fiberglass sheep are being installed around downtown Rochester, yet another art installation has slowly been forming around town as well.

It's Deck Art 2012, created by Christine Laikind of and Linda Gallaher of . Participants were invited to create a skateboard deck using whatever medium they choose. The decks were then judged and are on display around downtown Rochester; a Friday night begins at 6 p.m. at Firebrick.

This skateboard deck was designed by Kathy Staran of Troy; it was on display Thursday at .

"This piece is a tribute to my beloved Maine Coon cat, Hemingway, who passed away in April," Staran writes in a description of her piece. "He had incredibly vibrant light green eyes, and the peacock feathers reflect them perfectly."

Staran's deck was to be auctioned off during a silent auction Thursday night; proceeds of this particular deck went to God's Helping Hands of Michigan.


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