Steve Utash Awakens from Coma 10 Days After Vicious Attack

Steve Utash "keeps flashing back to the assault" and screaming for help in getting the mob to back off, his daughter posted online.

The family of Steve Utash posted an update about his condition 10 days after he was nearly beaten to death.
The family of Steve Utash posted an update about his condition 10 days after he was nearly beaten to death.

Steve Utash, the Clinton Township man who was nearly beaten to death 10 days ago when he stopped to assist a 10-year-old boy he accidentally struck with his pickup truck, has awoken from his medically induced coma, his daughter wrote on the online fundraising site where donations continue to pour in to offset the uninsured tree trimmer’s medical bills.

Mandi Marie Emerick posted the following:

“He is off the ventilator and is able to breathe on his own. He is in and out of it with his memories. Sometimes he can look at me and remember who I am and other times he can't.

“Today when I asked him how old he is he said ‘I'm two years old’ but he did know his name. He does keep saying ‘I don't want to die I'm sorry’ and ‘please don't let me forget you.’

“He also keeps flashing back to the assault screaming for ‘HELP’ and ‘PLEASE GET THEM OFF ME.’ He didn't seem to know what happened to him or why he was in the hospital, but again it is way to early to tell.

“He is also on MANY pain medications which are causing him to be delirious. These are baby steps. He is able to wiggle is toes on command and answer yes or no questions. It's to soon to tell if he's going to have any memory loss or long-term damage. The frontal lobe is what was affected the most and that is where his memories and personality are and this is a long road ahead but the end of the road will be worth it.

“ It is so hard to see him like this. I will post if any other changes happen. Please continue to keep my father in your prayers and thoughts.”

In addition to the online fundraising site, where more than $159,500 has been raised, the family has set up a post office box for donations. Address the envelope to S. Utash, P.O. Box 761 Warren MI 48090-0761

“Thank you all so much,” Emerick concluded her message. “Your words mean more then you know.”
Michael J. Oxner April 12, 2014 at 06:43 PM
Thinking of u, buddy. stay strong. be patient. everything will work out! :)
Jean Joseph April 12, 2014 at 07:08 PM
Thank God n with Gods grace may he make a full recovery our prays n good wishing for all to be able to put this all behind yous after God willing he makes a full recovery
l.c. April 13, 2014 at 12:17 PM
no doubt a challenging experience & hope something positive will result.keep us updated & keep the faith!
EG April 13, 2014 at 05:39 PM
Hopefully the positive that comes out if this is a rope to hang those animals that did this. They knew what they were doing now they pay . Of course the 16 yr olds mother said " my son is a good boy , normal , that's not him " OK that's what they all say. Hopefully her "good boy" won't dangle too long on the rope.


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