Rochester Residents Take it Slow on Morning Commute

Commuters say there wasn't much traffic, but still had to drive slow.

The snow kept falling and many roads were a mess, but some Rochester residents still had to get to work.

We asked residents about their commute on the Rochester Patch Facebook Page.

Here's what they said:

Sarah McNichol posted, "I made it to downtown Detroit in just around an hour. Roads were clear, but never really made it above 35-40. The plow and city/county workers did an awesome job keeping on top of this storm!"

Theresa Cristina Valois Konno commented, "My husband left home in Rochester Hills at 7 and made it to Warren just before 8. He said he was never able to drive above 30 mph on Mound Rd."

Julie Pfahlert Mohr posted, "Took me my normal 30 minutes. Not many cars on the road this morning. I gave myself an hour to get to work and really didn't need it."

Ross W. Emerton commented, "My daughter left at 7am and made it to Long Lake & Telegraph before 8. She said roads were OK, but she never made it above 30 mph."

Michele Eytalis Drogemuller posted "Can't get out of our subdivision - we only own cars not SUVs - 2 days of missed work - no pay -"


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