How Much Snow Fell in Rochester?

National Weather Service estimates 11.1 inches of snow fell over 48-hour period.

Photo credit: John McKay
Photo credit: John McKay
So, we got some snow in Rochester. A lot of snow. 

But just exactly how much snow fell in the area? According to the National Weather Service, a trained spotter recorded 11.1 inches of snow over a 48-hour period in Rochester.

Now, keep in mind the National Weather Service acknowledges there are a variety of factors that can skew snow measurements and it doesn't consider its readings official by any means. But our unofficial tape-measure test in an untouched yard seems to back up the National Weather Service's estimate, reading just over 11 inches of total snow on the ground. 

At any rate, the snow was enough to cancel Monday classes at Rochester and Avondale schools and at Oakland University and Rochester College and blustery conditions. Several businesses and the Secretary of State Rochester Hills branch office also closed their doors. 

How much snow fell in your yard? If you can brave the frigid temps, go outside with a yard stick and tell us what it says in the comments below!


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