Hitch Your Bike, Not Your Horse, to These Downtown Rochester Posts

"They look like a stick figure with arms akimbo," one Patch reader writes. Here's the true purpose for those posts around town.

Rochester Patch received this question from a reader in reference to these green posts installed in downtown Rochester as part of the recent Main Street Makeover.

"What are those posts along Main Street that seem to serve no purpose? They look like a stick figure with arms akimbo. The first thought is that they look like a hitching post — should I ride a horse to town?"

In fact, those "stick-figure" posts are bike racks, one of the many streetscape features worked into the new downtown. There are about 25 of them spread along Main Street, according to Rochester City Manager Jaymes Vettraino, who added that the design of the bike racks matches the design of the pedestrian protection bollards installed on downtown street corners.

Since we have recently noticed a bike or two hitched up to the ornamental fencing downtown, we hope this story spreads the word about these posts and their true purpose!

Kristin Bull December 18, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Lots of interesting answers to the question "What are these posts for?" on our Facebook page, including this one, which made me laugh: "That's where women tie up there husbands while they shop so their husbands don't go wondering off to the local watering hole!"
Colleen December 19, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Leash your dog while you grab a cup of coffee?


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